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‘A Vagina . . . and a Brain’

Posted on | March 11, 2011 | 42 Comments

Contrary to feminist myth, many of us guys actually prefer women who have both a vagina and a brain, especially when a woman knows which organ to think with:

I have a mind of my own, and I don’t need to be told I’m a victim. Or that society must change utterly for my convenience. Or that I need advocates in order to be just as good as any man. . . .
I’m an at-home mom with a busload of kids, and I don’t feel that I’ve wasted my life or missed out on a career. Instead, like many women in my position, I have sacrificed things I consider of lesser value in order to do something I consider both important and rewarding.
The feminists won’t recognize that. So they don’t speak for me. . . .

Attagirl! (Wait: Is “attagirl” sexist? Like I should be worrying about such things at this stage of the argument . . .) Her coments echo Natalie Portman’s Oscar-night declaration that motherhood is “the most important role of my life.”

The lady’s testimony — “mind of my own . . . busload of kids” — points to one of those fingernails-on-a-chalkboard problems with feminist rhetoric: If being “just a mom” is a task beneath the dignity of intelligent women, doesn’t this ensure that a majority of future generations will be the offspring of idiots?

Or, supposing that the brilliant full-time career woman can manage to fit a childbirth or two into her busy schedule, must she then return immediately to the 9-to-5 grind, and outsource her child’s nuturing and education to hired help who — feminist logic would seem to imply — are too stupid to get any more lucrative employment than babysitting?

My very intelligent daughter wants to be a grade-school teacher. But teaching little kids is one of those traditional “women’s work” jobs (along with nurse, stewardess, and secretary) that feminism tells really smart women they should disdain.

If the feminist drive for career equality requires the Best and Brightest Women to break through “the glass ceiling” in corporate executive suites, doesn’t this amount to a message that only stupid, inferior women should chose to become either mothers or teachers? And isn’t this movement therefore steering us toward Idiocracy?


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