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‘You Can’t Lawyer the Media’

Posted on | June 4, 2011 | 16 Comments

So said Andrea Tantaros during a panel discussion of WeinerGate today on “Fox News Watch”:

Colby Hall of was interviewed on MSNBC today about the continuing scandal:

“When it broke, all there was left we could do was to speculate reasonably, until his statement that he could not say with certitude whether or not that image was his. You could almost feel like the nation raised their eyebrows and said, ‘Wait, what?'”

(Hat-tip: Pat Dollard.) Some more recent WeinerGate headlines you might have missed:

Anthony Weiner’s bulging controversy
a classic example of abysmal damage control
— Thomas M. Defrank, New York Daily News

Here’s the lowdown on ‘Weinergate’
— Carl Hiaasen, Miami Herald

Weiner’s Seat Could Go Republican
— John Gizzi, Human Events

NPR’s Totenberg: ‘We Shouldn’t Care About
Weinergate – It’s a Great Lark of a Diversion’
— Noel Sheppard,

Anthony Weiner’s odd reality
— Richard Cohen, Washington Post

The Ick-arus of Capitol Hill
— Michelle Malkin

Dan Wolfe Steps Up

I Hate to Have to Say It But I Very Firmly Feel…
— Lisa Graas

Rather than tell you what I think about all this stuff, I figure I’d just link the headlines. You can click the links you want, quote whatever strikes you as most relevant, and express your own opinion in the comments.


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