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FMJRA 2.0: Sharp Dressed Man

Posted on | July 17, 2011 | 6 Comments

— compiled by Wombat-socho

CA-36: Special Election Night HQ; UPDATE: Democrat Hahn Wins

VIDEO: Obama in His Own Words

GOP Freshmen Will Call for Congressional Investigation of Planned Parenthood

The Vicious Jackals Are Planning to Screw Us Over (But You Already Knew That)

Obama Declares Moral Bankruptcy: ‘No Social Security Checks Next Month!’

Cthulhu 2012

Tut Tut, Stacy: Let’s Not Stand Here Bickering And Arguing
Over ‘Oo Voted For ‘Oo

From the Undeceived to the Rube: My Second Notice of Your Previous Insult

Alan Colmes Whining About Boehner Showing Vertebrae

EU President Van Rompuy Continues Playing Whack-A-Mole, When Whack-A-Budget Is Needed

Note To The “Born This Way” Community

FMJRA 2.0: Crisis King

Rule 5 Sunday: Secret

How to Be the Best Dad Ever

‘Coulter, She’s Just a Show Person’

LIVE AT FIVE – 07.11.11

Dying on Deadline: Fear, Loathing and a Frank Confession of Professional Failure

Democrat Janice Hahn’s Mother Dies on Eve of CA-36 Special Election
UPDATE: Poll Shows ‘Obama Fatigue’?

LIVE AT FIVE – 07.12.11

Vadum: Obama Administration Gave ACORN More Than $500,000 This Year

‘An Emerging Awareness’

Internet Threatened By Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children And Rule 5, But Mostly USMC

LIVE AT FIVE – 07.13.11

A Fresh Hot Cup of Poverty!

Carly Fiorina Will Help John Cornyn Guarantee Republican Defeat in 2012

They Told Me If I Voted For McCain, Minorities Would Be Thrashed And Denied Justice, And They Were Right!

Justin Elliott’s Lefty Math Calculation: Gov. Rick Perry Is A Bad Confederate Man

All You Need To Know About Why McConnell’s Plan Is A Soup Sandwich

On My To-Do List For R&R:
The Undefeated

LIVE AT FIVE – 07.14.11

Jimmie Bise Jr. Is a Great Blogger

The Arroyo Is In Production

Can’t Resist


Pro-Life Republicans Hail ‘Blueprint’ for Investigation of Planned Parenthood

LIVE AT FIVE – 07.15.11

Court: Accused Child Molester Has Right to Watch Kiddie Porn ‘Evidence’ in Jail

Sarah Palin Stimulates Economy, Boosts Employment, Annoys Liberal Media

Gingrich Advises GOP on ‘Bully’ Obama: Stop Negotiating and Start Legislating

Doesn’t Mercede Johnston Reminds You of That Line From ‘Gone With the Wind’?

Panic at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

Religiosity In POTUS Candidates

The Next Time You Hear a Liberal Lecturing About the Need for ‘Civility’ …

You’re LATE!
The Aged P sends in a link to Stacy’s post last week on the risible atheist/feminist flibbertigibbet Rebecca Watson. I agree that the young Indian woman in the Aged P’s post is easily worth a dozen Rebecca Watsons, and you should go RTWT.

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