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Why Beautiful Women Read This Blog

Posted on | July 20, 2011 | 13 Comments

It’s not just because I’m sexy, y’know. It’s also because the ladies know that they can shop our Amazon Associates links for all kinds of health and beauty supplies. Just the other day, one of our readers ordered an Andis Micro Turbo 1600W Dual Voltage Hair Dryer for $13.99 — which paid me a 4% commission of 56 cents. Thanks!

Amazon sells a wide variety of beauty products. There’s the 14-piece Morgan Avery luxury bath collection for $38.98. You could even get a professional airbrush makeup kit for a mere $1,120.

It doesn’t matter what you buy. They sell everything at Amazon, and when you shop through our links — just click and browse their amazing selection — they kick me a 4% commission on whatever you buy.

One of the things that always surprises me when checking the Amazon Associates sales report is the discovery that I’ve gotten a commission after a reader bought something I didn’t even know Amazon sold. My tendency is always to think, “Oh, Amazon — the online bookstore.” But just as I never think about Amazon as a seller of beauty supplies, I also never think of them as a sporting goods store.

Just yesterday, for example, somebody bought a Garmin Echo 550C Fishfinder for $399.58. That’s a $15.98 commission for me — thanks!

However, one thing they don’t sell on Amazon is marriage counseling. And dude, when your wife finds out you bought yourself a $400 fish-finder, there’s gonna be hell to pay unless you also buy the missus something nice and thoughtful. Maybe not the Hitachi Magic Wand Personal Massager, but something.

And if you happen to know some poor guy who has gotten himself so deep in the doghouse he needs to buy his wife a $120,000 7-carat diamond ring, tell him to shop right here!



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