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Piers Morgan: ‘What a Load of Fatuous Nonsense You Speak, Touré, Don’t You?’

Posted on | March 31, 2012 | 26 Comments

OK, I almost never watch CNN and hadn’t previously had a high opinion of Piers Morgan, but on the other hand, I’d never heard of this Touré character at all, until I saw the Breitbart headline:

MSNBC’s Touré Has Epic
Race-Baiting Meltdown On CNN

So I wondered what the heck this was about. Watch the video:

Touré, whose career has been mainly writing about hiphop music, thought Morgan wasn’t sufficiently aggressive in questioning George Zimmerman’s brother Robert Zimmerman. Morgan objects to being lectured about journalism, and then Touré tries to claim that Morgan doesn’t really know or care anything about the “American soul.” Read the transcript at CNN.

Anyway, I was tired and bummed out and about to go to bed until I saw this and, somehow, it cheered me up wonderfully. Don’t know why.


26 Responses to “Piers Morgan: ‘What a Load of Fatuous Nonsense You Speak, Touré, Don’t You?’”

  1. Asian_chic
    April 1st, 2012 @ 12:00 am

    Pierrs should start updating his resume. 

  2. Dianna Deeley
    April 1st, 2012 @ 12:10 am

    It was glorious, to hear Piers Morgan explain that Toure was talking utter twaddle. 

  3. richard mcenroe
    April 1st, 2012 @ 12:11 am

    Piers is a horse’s ass dragged across your good carpet, but Touré is worse.  Nice to see the pecking order among buffoons established.

  4. robertstacymccain
    April 1st, 2012 @ 12:13 am

    Nah, he’s British and seems more or less liberal. The Media Matters types won’t bother him. Besides, the way he says “fatuous nonsense” to that arrogant punk is probably worth an Emmy or two.

  5. Taxpayer1234
    April 1st, 2012 @ 12:38 am

    Well, Toure got one thing right–Piers doesn’t know squat about the American soul.

  6. Taxpayer1234
    April 1st, 2012 @ 12:38 am


  7. Rose
    April 1st, 2012 @ 12:51 am

    OMG that Toure is a little shit.

  8. Adjoran
    April 1st, 2012 @ 1:49 am

    Toure’s been around, he’s always called upon to express the angry black psycho position, for which he seems uniquely qualified.  Good fit for MSNBC.

    NBC has their own problems brewing, they edited a Zimmerman 911 call to say “This guys is acting suspicious.  He looks black.”  The actual full tape shows he said the first sentence and described the behavior and the dress.  Then the 911 dispatcher ASKS him if the guy is white, black, or Hispanic, and that’s when Zimmerman says “He looks black.”

    Splicing it together really makes it sound like the guy has racial animus, but it is a fake, a phony – played on the Today show.  Everyone associated with it should be fired.  Or fired upon.

  9. Shia S
    April 1st, 2012 @ 1:57 am

    Piers Morgan showed an utter lack of class and professionalism.

    Pandering to increase his audience, he shows that he has no real journalistic integrity.

  10. Adobe_Walls
    April 1st, 2012 @ 2:26 am

    Fired upon works for me, particularly since we aren’t going to get a republican candidate who will stab David Gregory in the eye with a pencil.

  11. Adobe_Walls
    April 1st, 2012 @ 2:29 am

    Not hard to see why all the commenter’s at that blog are anonymous.

  12. Adjoran
    April 1st, 2012 @ 6:30 am

     He’s hardly “pandering” to a CNN audience by dressing down a leftist clown, is he?

    More likely it was a rare moment of clarity that slipped out.

  13. Dan Collins
    April 1st, 2012 @ 9:18 am

    I’ve put my boot into Piers a couple of times (in a de riguer way, while eating a sammich), but . . . and feel free to call me naive . . . I think that he does understand the gravity of the media’s choices on how to cover this, and is taking this business seriously.

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  15. DaveO
    April 1st, 2012 @ 10:24 am

    This is awesome. Toure’ apparently doesn’t know that the UK has a similar history as the US (serving as the model which the US moved to). From his commentary, Toure’ is a tourist to American history, picking and choosing only those aspects of “The American Soul” that edifies his hatred of non-blacks.

    Morgan makes an excellent point completely lost on Toure’: to immediately declare the non-black guy guilty and worthy of death is as bigoted (and being the bigotry is based on race, therefore racist) as any klansman.

    I believe in redemption, so there’s hope for Toure’.

    Time to re-evaluate my non-viewing of Piers Morgan.

  16. DaveO
    April 1st, 2012 @ 10:26 am

    Most Americans don’t know squat about the American soul.

    Want to know America? Speak with some newly naturalized citizens over coffee or tea.

  17. Taxpayer1234
    April 1st, 2012 @ 10:32 am

    I was fortunate enough to know my immigrant grandparents. Yes, I know plenty about the American soul.

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  20. ThePaganTemple
    April 1st, 2012 @ 2:47 pm

    I haven’t watched the video yet, but I’m guessing Morgan didn’t dress the little punk down because he’s suddenly on the right side of the issue. He just didn’t like it that he was being criticized for the way he handled the interview. Morgan had his own reasons for dealing with Zimmermann’s brother the way he did. He assumes that everybody already has the facts of the case, which translates into Zimmermann being a racist, and clearly in the wrong. As such, Morgan probably thought he would be better off appearing to go easy on the brother in the hopes he might be able to lure something out of him in the way of an admission, as opposed to pounding the guy and getting nothing. Let’s not misinterpret this into thinking Piers Morgan is suddenly on the side of right and true justice in this one case.

  21. Estase73
    April 1st, 2012 @ 4:58 pm

    Toure showed his political colors when, on a Fuse Eminem countdown, he referred to the anti-G.W. Bush “Mosh” as “his illest video ever.”  There’s a reason he is on the Maddow network.

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  23. Bob Belvedere
    April 1st, 2012 @ 6:06 pm

    While I applaud your spirit, Adobe, and share it myself, you method of execution is a bit lame.  He should do a G. Gordon Liddy on Gregory by thrusting the pencil underneath the guy’s chin at a 25 degree angle, front to back so that it will easily pass through the soft palette and enter the brain.

  24. Adobe_Walls
    April 1st, 2012 @ 9:57 pm

    The reason Cain should have stabbed David Gregory in the eye with a pencil would have been to make Gregory stop asking stupid questions if you kill him he won’t learn nothin.

  25. Bob Belvedere
    April 2nd, 2012 @ 7:51 am

    I just wanted to see the look on his face in those few seconds where he knew he was gonna diiiiiie!

  26. My Comment Is Not Free
    April 2nd, 2012 @ 2:53 pm

    Um, not to be picky or anything, but did I hear Piers Morgan actually agreeing that Zimmerman uttered “coon” in the phone call?  Seriously?  Sorry, but let’s not go overboard in praising Morgan for being “responsible.”