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Hey, @natashavc, Sorry Your Dishonest Scott Walker Smear Got Breitbarted

Posted on | February 28, 2015 | 51 Comments

Breitbart (verb) — to expose dishonesty or corruption in a way that destroys the elite media’s preferred narrative, especially when done by a citizen-journalist.

Example: “Brian Cates totally Breitbarted that Walker smear.”

20 seconds of Googling would have cleared up what was going on here, but it was apparently more important to some to rush a piping hot new Walker smear out the door before doing any due diligence.

Jezebel’s “senior political reporter” Natasha Vargas-Cooper got Breitbarted, exposed as a dishonest and corrupt partisan hack, by a guy who did 20 seconds of Googling. Darleen Click:

“But hey, facts don’t matter when a White Patriarchal Werewolf must be defeated at all costs!”

Feminists and Democrats have so much in common — no standards, no integrity and no shame. Their sole principle is the selfish pursuit of power. Somebody should write a book about this.



51 Responses to “Hey, @natashavc, Sorry Your Dishonest Scott Walker Smear Got Breitbarted”

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