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‘Male Feminist’ Aleksandr Kolpakov Now Charged With First-Degree Murder

Posted on | June 1, 2017 | 1 Comment

Accused murderer Aleksandr Kolpakov (left) and victim Heather Anable (right).

When police in Colorado arrested Aleksandr Kolpakov, he was originally charged with second-degree murder in the May 13 shooting death of his live-in girlfriend Heather Anable. The charge has now been raised to first-degree murder, according to the Denver Post, which quotes a police affidavit unsealed by a judge Tuesday:

A neighbor who called 911 after the shooting told deputies that before the shooting, he was in his own unit next door where he found Kolpakov, naked and acting erratically.
“He stated Alek was ‘face-timing’ a female, not his girlfriend, on a phone and telling her he was poisoned and the mushrooms were poisoned,’” deputies wrote of Kolpakov’s neighbor’s account.
The neighbor gave some of his own clothes to Kolpakov and called Anable to come and get him, the report said. Anable came and took Kolpakov back to their shared apartment.
“(The neighbor) stated he then walked toward another friend’s apartment to the east and within 60 seconds heard gunshots,” the affidavit said.
The neighbor called 911.
Several other people called 911 to report the gunfire, including one person who heard a man and a woman’s voices as well.
“One reporting party stated he heard a female screaming, ‘I can’t believe,’ and then heard three gunshots,” the affidavit said. “He then heard a male saying, ‘You’re a monster,’ followed by two more shots while he was on the phone with 911.”
When deputies arrived, they had their own bizarre encounter with Kolpakov, who appeared to be under the influence of drugs.
“While on scene, deputies were approached by a male who was talking nonsensically,” the report said, later specifying that the man was Kolpakov. “He told deputies about rats, poison, a conspiracy and something to the effect of, ‘I had to put my sweet Heather down.’”

The police affidavit tends to corroborate an account of the incident which I quoted in my May 19 post about this bizarre crime:

Aleksandr, who according to my sources may have been a veteran who suffered from PTSD, was doing shrooms [psilocybin mushrooms, a powerful hallucinogenic drug] with Heather on Saturday night, when he became obsessed with the notion that Heather was trying to kill him and that she had poisoned him. Feminist Laura Athena, another member of Aleksander’s polyamorous harem, was apparently skyping with Heather and Aleksandr during their mushroom trip, when Aleksander started freaking out and making bizarre accusations against Heather. Both girls attempted to calm Aleksandr down, but he was inconsolable with fear and rage.

Some had speculated that Kolpakov, who claimed to have served as a sergeant in the U.S. Army, may have suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), but it turned out he lied about his record. In a statement, the Army said Kolpakov had been a private (E-2) in the Virginia National Guard from 2006 to 2008, and never deployed overseas. In Colorado, Kolpakov taught self-defense classes and operated a YouTube channel called “The Skeptic Feminist,” where he and Anable promoted atheism, feminism and polyamory.

Kolpakov claimed his videos were “all you need to teach atheists about Feminism or feminists about Atheism. Lambasting Religion and Misogyny, for the two are inexorably tied, while Standing Against Woman-Hating Gods and the Sexists Who Invent Them.”

(Hat-tip: Ian Miles Cheong at Heat Street.)



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