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Deborah Ellen Frisch (d.o.b. 11/2/1961) is a fugitive, wanted on two felony warrants in Weld County, Colorado. Frisch has a notorious history. Once a tenure-track professor of psychology at the University of Oregon, in July 2006 she was employed in a $32,861-a-year adjunct (part-time) position at the University of Arizona when she decided to post threatening comments against blogger Jeff Goldstein’s son:

An adjunct professor at the University of Arizona has resigned after her threatening comments about a Web logger’s two-year-old son created an online uproar.
Self-described left-wing psychology instructor Deborah Frisch escalated a foreign policy argument with blogger Jeff Goldstein last week, writing that if “someone shot you and your ‘tyke’ it wouldn’t slow me down one iota.” She also wrote that she hopes “no one Jon-Benets” the child — a reference to the brutal murder of a young Colorado girl ten years ago — and made disturbing sexual remarks about the boy.

Since then, Frisch has repeatedly run afoul of the law. In April 2015, she was released from jail and then re-arrested on a new charge a few hours after her release when she made a false police report. By September 2016, she had moved to Southern California, and was again engaged in online harassment. Felony warrants were issued and, after she was arrested Nov. 11, 2016, in Yreka, California, on a drunk and disorderly behavior charge, she was extradited to Colorado to face those charges. She was released from Weld County Jail in February 2017, and faced a sentencing hearing in April, but for some unknown reason was released. Now she has again violated the law and on Nov. 16, warrants for Frisch’s arrest were issued on two felony counts, bribery and intimidation.

Deborah Ellen Frisch has reportedly fled Colorado, and she is believed to be in either Oregon or California. It has also been reported that she is no longer taking the medications prescribed for her mental illness.

Frisch is 5-foot-7 inches tall and weighs 150 pounds. She was last seen driving a blue Subaru Impreza. We are seeking the public’s help to bring this fugitive to justice. Please post this to your Facebook page or Twitter account, especially if you are in California or Oregon. It’s time this deranged criminal is locked up where she belongs. If you see Frisch, do not approach her. Call 911. You can also share information with Jeff Goldstein on Twitter at @proteinwisdom.

More background at Teh Daily Squeak and Deb Frisch Timeline.

UPDATE: Jeff Goldstein reports on Facebook:

I’m thrilled to announce that our serial stalker Deborah Frisch was arrested this Thanksgiving night in Bend, Oregon.
— And that it was I who found her hotel (after some help from dedicated friends in tracking down her IP address, for which my family is eternally grateful), then sent the Bend police out to pick her up on the nationwide warrant.
Hope YOU ALL had a great Thanksgiving, too!

What a beautiful gift for the holiday season!

UPDATE II: Teh Daily Squeak has the arrest report for Frisch. The arresting officer was Deschutes County Deputy Sheriff Caitlin Doshier, who is a real-life hero. In 2016, she saved the life of a man who was injured in a waterskiing accident. Deputy Doshier is also an athlete, 5-foot-8, who played basketball and ran track in high school. A grateful nation says thank you, Deputy Doshier!

UPDATE III: Previously, I had not understood why Frisch was turned loose after her April hearing. Wikipedia has clarifying details:

On April 26, 2017 — after having been arrested for violating the Colorado protection order in November 2016 and extradited from California to Weld County, Colorado — Frisch was sentenced in a plea deal wherein she pled guilty to felony stalking and harassment. She requested to be returned to California to live with her parents, adding an additional 45 days to her jail time to allow the interstate compact to take effect. Jail time for the November 16 incident totaled 7 1/2 months. She was sentenced to 10 years’ probation; a prohibition from posting online about private citizens (this includes all social media platforms); supervised Internet access and potential state review of her computer and phone; mandatory courses in victim empathy and moral decision making; and state supervision over compliance with prescribed medications for bi-polar disorder. On behalf of the victims, Jeff Goldstein read a prepared statement to the court before sentencing. Frisch’s free speech defense was dismissed as immaterial once she pled guilty to a felony in exchange for dismissal of four other felonies, including threatening a judge. After a fallout with her parents, Frisch was required to return to Colorado under the conditions of the interstate pact. Once back in Colorado, Frisch incurred new felony charges, including threatening and harassing her former parole officer and her family.

Do you see how profoundly antisocial her personality is? Frisch was turned loose on probation under condition that she live with her family in California, but she had “a fallout with her parents.” She is an adult, 56 years old, who cannot even get along with her own parents. That this deranged woman has a Ph.D., and was once a tenure-track university professor, tells you everything you need to know about modern academia.




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