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Halfway Through Destroying The Village To “Save” It, The Second Thoughts Kick In

Posted on | May 23, 2018 | Comments Off on Halfway Through Destroying The Village To “Save” It, The Second Thoughts Kick In

by Smitty

Prediction: the “Yeah, maybe we went too far” genre will going to ‘splode as the rot of the Obama Administration is exposed, and even the most useful idiots (I’m not enough of a Carol Horton scholar to know how well this shoe fits–I mean UIs in general) grasp that people aren’t quite the sheep that Marxist Theory predicted (emphasis mine):

The problem here is not simply that this is unpleasant for people like me. More importantly, our silence further impoverishes everyday political discourse by eliminating more nuanced left-of-center voices. This, in turn, reinforces the already powerful trend toward weaponized hashtag ideology instead of serious political thought. It also drives more people to right-of-center alternatives or away from politics altogether.

Peterson is just one example of this larger trend. Viewed as such, the situation he represents is extremely concerning, and even dangerous. We desperately need a revitalized Left that’s capable of speaking to today’s pressing issues of socio-economic inequality, environmental devastation, and spiritual malaise in informed, intelligent, and inspiring ways. Instead, we’re inundated by shallow ideological crusades dedicated to demonizing thoughtful conservatives like Peterson, who actually have some important ideas to offer—just not on the issues that properly concern the Left.

Gosh, Ms. Niemöller that sounds like a dang shame. You give place to the Devil, and you’re shocked, SHOCKED! at the results.
Horton continues:

Conservatives of this stripe mistrust radical movements that are ready to rip apart a cultural fabric that took generations to weave in pursuit of some idealistic vision of social justice. They believe that there is such a thing as ‘human nature,’ and that it’s highly fallible, and inevitably bedeviled by problems such as envy, corruption, and greed.

Consequently, such conservatives have no faith in leftist visions of a transformational ‘revolution’ that will definitively destroy oppression and establish a truly just society. Instead, they see them as dangerously naïve, and likely to produce violent anarchy and/or repressive authoritarianism. While acknowledging the realities of social injustice, they believe that political reforms need to be cautiously incremental—in a word, conservative.

Ding! Ding! Ding! Social conservatives pursue wisdom, and view Lefty foolishness as a cancer of the soul. Everything the Left has preached since the Summer of Love has been all about the crotch. We stand in the rubble of the godless Commie ruin, and snarl as they come for our children, too.

God bless Jordan Peterson, and strengthen him in for the tremendous stresses he endures while speaking truth into the Lefty whirlwind.


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