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Loony Troons: Fantasy, Mental Illness and the Transgender Victimhood Narrative

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Avery Edison “has legally been a woman since 2009” and, in addition to calling himself a woman, Avery also pretends to be a “comedian.”

Here’s the real question: Why should we be required to play along with Avery’s make-believe games, either as a “comedian” or as a “woman”? Nobody can force you to go to one of Avery’s performances and laugh at his/“her” jokes, so why is it that “legally” we can be compelled to pretend that we don’t know that this “woman” is a man with a penis?

About 99% of what is called “transgender activism” is just whining from people with a fictitious sense of victimhood — a paranoid persecution complex — trying to shame the rest of us into feeling guilty for not applauding their self-created emotional theatrics. Having made ludicrous spectacles of themselves by attempting to act out their perverse fantasies in public, transgender activists then claim to be oppressed victims of “transphobia” if we decline to participate in their fantasy.

They’re not victims, they’re bullies, and their activism is not politics, it’s gaslighting — dishonest manipulation, a common deceptive tactic of abusive sociopaths who seek to create confusion in order to conceal their own wrongdoing and malicious intent. This is intertwined with a lot of DARVO (Deny, Attack, Reverse Victim and Offender) tricks by which the sociopath attempts to obtain sympathy by playing the victim. This involves a truly satanic level of dishonesty, a false accusation (“You’re oppressing me!”) employed as an attack on innocent people who, in all honesty, would be happy to ignore these attention-seeking lunatics, if only they’d stop their constant public lectures about “gender.”

Avery Edison: “Hey, lesbians, let’s talk about my penis.”
Lesbians: “Get lost, you freak.”
Avery Edison: “Hate speech! Transphobia! Harassment!”

Imagine someone acting that way in real life. You’re standing in the checkout line at the grocery store, and some weirdo you never saw before walks up behind you and tries to start a conversation about his penis. This would be a considered a crime — “lewd and lascivious misconduct” or whatever — in every jurisdiction in America, but on the Internet, transgender lunatics expect people to tolerate this in the name of “activism.” They’re the online equivalent of exhibitionists who hang around public parks, waiting to expose themselves to passersby.

What has caused this deviant behavior to proliferate is the pursuit of perverse fantasies. The Internet can make this seem not only possible, but preferable to normal everyday reality. Those who are drawn into this delusion are typically victims of their own bad habits:

Autogynephilia is a self-induced, chronic, progressive disorder . . .
Sexual fetishes occur almost exclusively in men, and men who have one sexual fetish usually have several . . .
This kind of “transgenderism” is actually a fetish, a perverse obsession which is an acquired psychological disorder.

It is important to understand that gender dysphoria has high rates of co-morbidity with other mental illnesses, so that anyone who engages in such behavior usually has other psychiatric issues, as well. And to repeat myself for the umpteenth time: Crazy People Are Dangerous. Have you forgotten Jackson Mosher, a/k/a “Gwynevere River Song” so soon?


The possibility that Mosher/”Gwynevere” could be dangerous was apparent to radical feminist Cathy Brennan, who had been threatened by Mosher/”Gwynevere” in a February 2017 Facebook exchange. Like many other transgender activists, Mosher/”Gwynevere” hated “TERFs” (trans-exclusive radical feminists), but it turned out that Mosher/”Gwynevere” hated someone else even more — his/“her” father, Robert Mosher.
On a Saturday afternoon — Aug. 12, 2017, five days after his/“her” last blog post — Mosher/”Gwynevere” showed up at the home of his/“her” father on Waterford Crossing in Waxahachie, Texas. Mosher/”Gwynevere” was armed with a knife, and an altercation ensued in which “Gwynevere” stabbed his/“her” father multiple times. This was a fatal error. Never bring a knife to a gunfight, as they say in Texas.
“Gwynevere River Song” was shot dead by his/“her” father, who was hospitalized for his injuries.

One obvious reason why most people don’t want to associate with transgender people is because so many of them have other antisocial attitudes that make it unpleasant to interact with them. Think about it. Does it seem to you that Avery “Let Me Tell You About My Penis” Edison is someone you’d want to invite to your house for dinner? Do you want somebody like that to know where you live? Probably not.


The non-funny “comedian” and non-female “woman” would have us believe that there are “multiple” lesbians who are “attracted” to him/“her” and that this proves “transwomen are women” when, in fact, it just proves that some self-described lesbians are as crazy as Avery is. Invite a bunch of lunatics to a party, and crazy things will happen, which is why abnormality is the norm in the urban LGBTQ social scene. It might be helpful if Avery Edison would provide a sociology grad student with the names of his/“her” ex-partners, so that a survey could be conducted, asking questions like, “On a scale of 1-10, How drunk were you that night?” or “What psychiatric conditions have you been diagnosed with, and were you off your meds at the time of this encounter?”

How drunk or desperate does someone (male or female, gay or straight) have to be before they decide to leave a bar with Avery Edison? And since we’re asking rhetorical questions, how much of a failure does a male have to be before he decides it would be easier to pretend to be female?

In order for this kind of make-believe to be more enjoyable than reality, after all, doesn’t your reality have to be hopelessly tragic? Or is it the case that the fantasy — what you imagine a woman’s life to be — has taken hold in your mind as a fixated obsession to the point that you despise your male reality and count it as worthless? Say what you will about the transgender phenomenon, one cannot expect rational explanations from those in the throes of such bizarre madness.


Oh, look, it’s “James Waters,” the schizophrenic Marxist whose double mastectomy and synthetic testosterone were provided by Canadian taxpayers. Turning a 22-year-old mentally ill woman into a ludicrous simulacrum of a male is considered “health care” in Canada, and therefore every Canadian has a “right” to such treatment.

She/“he” claims to be a victim of both transphobia and capitalism, as she/“he” declared at the Toronto Trans March last month. Diagnosed with multiple severe psychiatric disorders, this 22-year-old Canadian (“pisces sun + libra moon”) considers herself/“himself” qualified to lecture the world about mental health:

The “chemical imbalance” model of depression and other conditions is an oversimplification at best and completley unfounded at worst. It benefits drug companies and harms people. Stop using it uncritically.

You can’t even spell “completely,” you fool! And who are you to tell us what “benefits drug companies and harms people,” when you’ve been injecting synthetic testosterone for years? You forced taxpayers to foot the bill to have yourself surgically dismembered, and now you expect the rest of us to listen to your advice on mental health?

‘James’ in 2015 (left) and in 2018, after ‘top surgery’ (right).


Here’s some mental health advice: If you think you may be transgender, how about you log off the Internet for a few months and reconsider?

Spending too much time on the Internet can make you crazy, and after four years of studying radical feminism, it’s all I can do to cling to sanity long enough to explain how crazy these people are. Today is the fourth anniversary of my first post in the Sex Trouble series (“The Long Shadow of the ‘Lavender Menace,’” July 14, 2014) and I’m probably no more crazy now than I was then. On the other hand, you’d have to be crazy to undertake such a project, and I’m uniquely qualified for the job. Remember the Five Most Important Words in the English Language:





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