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Dear @Alyssa_Milano: Perhaps Try Reducing Your Media Kool-Aid Intake

Posted on | August 8, 2018 | Comments Off on Dear @Alyssa_Milano: Perhaps Try Reducing Your Media Kool-Aid Intake


What does Trump Derangement Syndrome look like? A popular actress who is convinced that the only explanation for third-party votes in a special congressional election is Russian meddling.

What causes this kind of dangerous paranoid lunacy? A constant diet of one-sided partisan media. It’s likely that Ms. Milano never watches any “news” except CNN or MSNBC, and that her reading consists entirely of far-left sites like Mother Jones, Vox, Slate, the Guardian, etc.

Having locked herself within a self-created echo chamber of political conformity, Alyssa Milano has succumbed to the cult mentality of ideological totalism. She has become The True Believer. If Rachel Maddow or Chris Cuomo told her that the CIA and the Bavarian Illuminati were controlling the weather, Ms. Milano would believe it.

What did Tuesday’s election results — not only the hotly contested Ohio 12 race, but all the various primaries — actually mean?

Democratic Party’s liberal insurgency
hits a wall in Midwest primaries

David Weigel, Washington Post

Troy Balderson claims victory
in Ohio special election

Alexi McCammond, Axios

Tuesday Night Is a Bad Sign
for GOP Chances in the House

Sean Trende, Real Clear Politics

Although the Republican candidate Balderson appears to have edged out Democrat Danny O’Connor in Ohio 12, the margin was perilously thin, in a district that has previously been a Republican stronghold. This is not a good omen for GOP prospects to maintain House control in November. While there may not be an overwhelming “blue wave” in the fall midterms, Democrats have a decent chance of getting the net 23-seat gain they need to return the Speaker’s gavel to Nancy Pelosi. Meanwhile, far-left candidates backed by the socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez failed to win Democrat primaries in Michigan, Kansas and Missouri.

There is no objective, factual reason for Alyssa Milano to surrender to a mood of resentful paranoia, really, but if she was into facts and objectivity, she would not be a Democrat, would she?



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