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Like a Bad Flashback: Florida Democrats Are Trying to Steal Another Election

Posted on | November 8, 2018 | Comments Off on Like a Bad Flashback: Florida Democrats Are Trying to Steal Another Election

Remember Bush v. Gore in 2000? Remember how Democrats in Broward and Palm Beach County “found” extra votes for Gore during the recount? Well, they’re back to their typical election-stealing tricks:

Andrew Gillum may retract his concession in the Florida governor’s race.
Gillum, the mayor of Tallahassee, conceded the race in a speech on Tuesday, after polls showed him down one percentage point to Republican Ron DeSantis, a former congressman who is close to President Donald Trump.
But DeSantis’s vote margin dwindled on Wednesday as absentee and provisional ballots continued to be counted.
Gillum trailed DeSantis by 43,000 votes on Thursday. According to the Orlando Sentinel, that is just 0.02 percentage points from the threshold that will trigger a machine recount.
Florida’s Senate battle is even closer than the gubernatorial race. Gov. Rick Scott, a Republican, leads incumbent Sen. Bill Nelson by 22,000 votes in that contest.

And, yes, the usual suspects are involved:

Broward and Palm Beach County elections officials were still counting votes on Thursday, and statewide recounts appeared coming for three big elections: governor, U.S. Senate and state agriculture commissioner.
Meanwhile, questions continued about why more than 24,000 people voted for governor but not for Senate in Broward. . . .
At the Broward elections office, vote counting continued. Workers counted 22,000 ballots Wednesday, continuing late into the night. In total, more than 695,700 Broward ballots were counted by 1 a.m. Thursday.
But county election officials weren’t done.
Broward Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes said workers in her office counted ballots until 2:30 a.m. Thursday. They were given a few hours off to get some rest before resuming the counting.
With close margins in the U.S. Senate, agricultural commissioner, and governor races, large numbers of uncounted ballots in Democratic-heavy Broward and Palm Beach Counties could make a difference in whether those races lead to a recount. . . .
Snipes said the volume of mail ballots is the reason the count has taken so long. She said all the remaining mail-in ballots have been opened and are waiting to be processed through the tabulating machines.
She didn’t know how much longer it would take. “If I give a number, and I have not counted out myself, then I’m guesstimating,” Snipes said. . . .
Cynthia Busch, chairwoman of the Broward Democratic Party, said Thursday people are frustrated. “People are like, ‘How come Dr. Snipes isn’t done?’” Busch said, “Everyone needs to be patient.” . . .

(“Everyone be patient while we steal this here election!”)

Of the Broward ballots already counted, more than 24,000 people voted for a governor candidate but didn’t vote for a Senate candidate, according to county results Thursday morning.
More than 690,000 people voted for governor in Broward in Tuesday’s election, while more than 665,000 voters cast ballots for Senate, preliminary county election results show. . . .
For the midterms, Broward’s discrepancy among the number of votes wasn’t just in the Senate and governor races.
More people in Broward voted for the state’s commissioner of agriculture, chief financial officer and attorney general positions than they did for the Senate, according to the preliminary county results.

My theory? Thousands of Broward County voters are retarded. There’s more scientific evidence for my theory than there is for global warming.

Streiff at Red State notes Marco Rubio is crying foul.

A recount! Questionable ballots in Broward County! Swarms of Democrat lawyers descending on Florida! Damn, it’s 2000 all over again!



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