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More Florida News: Democrats Send in Soros-Connected Lawyer Marc Elias

Posted on | November 10, 2018 | Comments Off on More Florida News: Democrats Send in Soros-Connected Lawyer Marc Elias

It’s not a “conspiracy theory” if there actually is a conspiracy:

What could stand a good airing is the history of “Hillary lawyer” Marc Elias, of Fusion GPS-hiring, dossier-commissioning fame, with working on some of the most contentious recounts in the last 20 years.
Elias leads the delegation of Democratic lawyers “descending on Florida,” to use Rubio’s expression. And vote recounts and voting-rights lawsuits were well known as Elias’s specialty long before he gained notoriety as Hillary’s man at Perkins Coie, the go-between for the Steele dossier in the 2016 presidential campaign.
It’s worth noting at the outset, as always, that Elias’s voting-related activities over the years have benefited from funding by George Soros. . . .
Elias is the house lawyer for the national Democratic Party, a fixture whose specialty is working the mechanics of voting in order to get the big, high-profile Democrats elected to the big, high-profile offices.
In this guise, he has been involved in most of the spectacular recounts in recent memory, starting with the Florida recount of the presidential vote in 2000.
Funny how everytime Mr. Elias shows up so do uncounted ballots — out of thin air.

It’s that Broward County magic, folks. Did I say “magic”? Oh, I meant fraud:

“Earlier today the attorneys for Chelsey Marie Smith released her sworn statement today alleging voter fraud.”



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