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Another Public-Relations Debacle for Houston’s ‘Drag Queen Story Time’

Posted on | April 5, 2019 | Comments Off on Another Public-Relations Debacle for Houston’s ‘Drag Queen Story Time’

William Travis Dees as “Sister Jeff” (lower right).

“Drag Queen Story Time” at the Houston Public Library suffered a serious public-relations setback last month after it was revealed that one of the participants, “Tatiana Mala Nina,” who had been reading to children as part of the program, was in fact Albert Alfonso Garza, 32, a sex offender who had been convicted of molesting a child in 2008.

Albert Alfonso Garza performs in a Houston gay bar as ‘Tatiana Mala-Niña.’

“Drag Queen Story Time” was discontinued in the wake of that revelation, although library officials “said in a March 22 statement . . . that the program should be back in [the library] in the summer of 2019.”

Well, maybe, but on the other hand, maybe not. Because the same activist group that ID’d the sex offender Garza has now reported that another sex offender was involved in “Space City Sisters,” a drag group that turned out at the library to support the story-time event.

Mass Resistance Texas announced at a Thursday press conference in Houston that they had identified a “Space City Sisters” member known as “Sister Jeff” to be 30-year-old William Travis Dees, a/k/a “Liza Lott,” a/k/a “Elizabeth Anne Davidson.” In 2005, Dees was convicted as a juvenile of indecency with a child (evidently, boys age 6 and younger) and is registered as a high-risk sex offender. Video of the press conference:


Mass Resistance activist Tracy Shannon explains that it took months of investigation to determine that “Sister Jeff” a/k/a “Liz Davidson” is in fact the convicted sex offender Dees, who published an article last year describing “her” work as a transgender dominatrix.

William Dees a/k/a “Elizabeth Davidson,” transgender dominatix.

So the convicted sex offender/BDSM dominatrix was involved in a Houston public library activity for children, as proven by two photos posted online by the “Drag Queen Story Time” organizers:



Gosh, what a wholesome event for children! And remember that Houston Public Library officials say “Drag Queen Story Time” will return this summer! What kind of parents would bring their children to such an activity? And why aren’t city officials investigating the organizers? Isn’t it obvious that these people are dangerously crazy?


By the way, Kaeley Triller makes a point: If you were a sex offender trying to conceal your identity, wouldn’t declaring yourself transgender and getting a new name be helpful in that regard? Remember, it took months of investigation for Mass Resistance to identify “Sister Jeff” as William Dees, and who knows how many other convicted sex offenders might be using transgender identity to conceal their past?

P.S.: “Space City Sisters” tacitly confirms the Mass Resistance report, saying “one of our former members . . . resigned effective March 4th.”



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