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‘Florida Woman’ Strikes Again

Posted on | June 4, 2019 | Comments Off on ‘Florida Woman’ Strikes Again


Everyone knows that when you see “Florida Man” in a headline, the story’s going to be crazy, but “Florida Woman” is not to be ignored:

Escambia County Sheriff’s Office (ECSO) has arrested 25-year-old Keriah Renea Giomi for aggravated battery after a report says she attempted to stab a man in the stomach with a hunting style knife.
According to the report, ECSO was called out to 300 block of Wenger Avenue on Sunday regarding an armed disturbance.
When deputies arrived on the scene the report says, they found blood droplets on the concrete driveway and observed the front porch to be wet.
A deputy stated in the report, Giomi met him at the door and made a spontaneous statement that was redacted from the report. ECSO says Giomi continued to repeat the phrase and later placed in handcuffs.
The sheriff’s office says in the report, they were notified that a stabbing victim had checked into Sacred Heart Hospital and told them while he was in the bathroom on Wenger Avenue, he heard a woman screaming and went to see what the problem was.
The victim told ECSO when he left the bathroom, Giomi standing there naked holding a hunting style knife with a hook on the end and yelled, “Jehovah” and attempted to stab him in the stomach, says the report.
The victim stated in the report, he tried to grab the knife to stop her and received cuts on his hands.
ECSO says the man told him in the report, he pushed Giomi away in an attempt to run out of the door but she ran to the front door locked it and trapped him inside the house.
The arrest report says, the victim as he ran around the house to try to escape Giomi she cut him across the back multiple times.
The victim told deputies he managed to push Giomi into a room lock her in and was able to get out of the house, says the report.
The report revealed, witnesses stated in the report they saw a woman running around naked outside chasing a black male with no shirt on.

Escambia County is the Pensacola area, incidentally, and it’s perhaps unfair to blame Florida for this woman’s bizarre behavior, because the only Keriah Renae Giomi I can find online is from Lake Havasu City, Arizona. How she ended up in Florida, running around naked with a knife chasing a black man and yelling, “Jehovah,” I don’t know.

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