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Tacoma Antifa Terrorist’s Manifesto Blames ‘Rich Guys’ for ‘Evil … Concentration Camps’

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In a three-page “manifesto” addressed to his Antifa “comrades,” Tacoma terrorist Willem van Spronsen blamed “rich guys,” including Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, for the “evil” of a system symbolized by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention facility he attacked.

Van Spronsen, 69, was shot dead Saturday by police in Tacoma, Washington, after he used molotov cocktails to attack the ICE facility he describes in his manifesto as a “concentration camp.” Van Spronsen was armed with an AR-15 rifle and in his manifesto urged fellow Antifa radicals to arm themselves for “revolution” against “fascism ascendant.”

In his manifesto, Van Spronsen begins by declaring “it’s time to take action against the forces of evil,” and cites such influences as anarchist Emma Goldman and Communist historian Howard Zinn. He claims that fascism benefits “rich guys” — naming Bezos, Warren Buffett, Elon Musk, Betsy de Vos, George Soros and Donald Trump as examples — who support governments that “make the rules that make rich guys richer.

Meanwhile, journalist Andy Ngo posted video showing Van Spronsen in a crowd of armed Antifa radicals at a December 2018 protest in Seattle.


there’s wrong and there’s right.
it’s time to take action against the forces of evil.
evil says on life is worth less than another.
evil says the flow of commerce is our purpose here.
evil says concentration camps for folks deemed lesser are necessary.
the handmaid of evil says the concentration camps should be more humane.
beware the centrist.
i have a father’s broken heart
i have a broken down body
and i have an unshakeable abhorrence of injustice
that is what brings me here.
this is my clear opportunity to try to make a difference, i’d be an ingrate to be waiting for a more obvious invitation.
i follow three teachers:
don pritts, my spiritual guide, “love without action is just a word.”
john brown, my moral guide, “what is needed is action!”
emma goldman, my political guide, “if i can’t dance, i don’t want to be in your revolution”
i’m a head in the clouds dreamer, i believe in love and redemption.
i believe we’re going to win.
i’m joyfully revolutionary. (we all should have been reading emma goldman in school instead of the jingoistic drivel we were fed. but i digress.) (we should all be looking at the photos of the YPJ heroes should we falter and think our dreams are impossible, but i double digress. fight me.)
in these days of fascist hooligans preying on vulnerable people on our streets, in the name of the state or supported and defended by the state,
in these days of highly profitable detention/ concentration camps and a battle over the semantics,
in these days of hopelessness, empty pursuit and endless yearning,
we are living in visible fascism ascendant. (i say visible, because those paying attention watched it survive and thrive under the protection of the state for decades. (see howard zinn, “a people’s history of the united states.”) now it unabashedly follows its agenda with open and full cooperation from the government. from governments around the world.
fascism serves the needs of the state serves the needs of business and at your expense. who benefits? jeff bezos, warren buffett, elon musk, tim cook, bill gates, betsy de vos, george soros, donald trump, and need i go on? let me say it again: rich guys, (who think you’re not really all that good.) really dig government, (every government everywhere, including “communist” governments.) because they make the rules that make rich guys richer.
don’t overthink it.
(are you patriots in the back paying attention?)
i’m a man who loves you all and this spinning ball so much that i’m going to fulfill my childhood promise to myself to be noble.
here it is, in these corporate for profit concentration camps.
here it is, in brown and non conforming folks afraid to show their faces for fear of the police/ migra/ proud boys/ beckies…
here it is, a planet almost used up by the market’s greed.
i’m a black and white thinker.
detention camps are an abomination.
i’m not standing by.
i really shouldn’t have to say any more than this.
i set aside my broken heart and i heal the only way i know how- by being useful.
i efficiently compartmentalize my pain…
and i joyfully go about this work.
(to those burdened with the wreckage from my actions, i hope that you will make the best use of that burden.)
to my comrades:
i regret that i will miss the rest of the revolution.
thank you for the honor of having been in your midst.
giving me space to be useful, to feel that i was fulfilling my ideals, has been the spiritual pinnacle of my life.
doing what i can to help defend my precious and wondrous people is an experience too rich to describe.
my trans comrades have transformed me, solidifying my conviction that we will be guided to a dreamed of future by those most marginalized among us today. i have dreamed it so clearly that i have no regret for not seeing how it turns out. thank you for bringing me so far along.
i am antifa, i stand with comrades around the world who act from the love of life in every permutation. comrades who understand that freedom means real freedom for all and a life worth living.
keep the faith!
all power to the people!
bella ciao
audio manifesto:
don’t let your silly government agencies waste money “investigating” this one. i was radicalized in civics class at 13 when we were taught about the electoral college. it was at that point that i decided that the status quo might be a house of cards. further reading confirmed in the positive. i highly recommend reading!
i am not affiliated with any organization, i have disafilliated from any organization who disagree with my choice of tactics.
the semi automatic weapon i used was a cheap, home built unregistered “ghost” ar15, it had six magazines. i strongly encourage comrades and incoming comrades to arm themselves. we are now responsible for defending people from the predatory state: ignore the law in army yourself if you have the luxury, i did.

More background on Saturday’s terrorist attack:

Willem Van Spronsen was an anarchist and anti-fascist from  Washington who was fatally shot by police on July 13 while trying to set a fire with incendiary devices during an attack at an ICE detention center in Tacoma. Authorities say Van Spronsen was armed with a rifle and threw “lit objects” at buildings and vehicles in the parking lot of the Northwest Detention Center.
Van Spronsen, a Vashon Island musician affiliated with the Puget Sound Anarchists and local antifa groups, was shot and killed by Tacoma Police officers, the Seattle Times reports. No one else was injured.
The detention center is run by GEO Group, a private company, and has a capacity to hold 1,575 people detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. The incident comes amid nationwide protests against planned raids targeting undocumented immigrants announced by President Donald Trump and his administration and outcry against the conditions of facilities being used to hold detained migrants and asylum seekers.
Van Spronsen was previously arrested in 2018 at the Tacoma detention facility when he was accused of lunging at a police officer who was detaining another protester. Van Spronsen later pleaded guilty to obstructing a law enforcement officer and was given a deferred sentence.
The incident occurred about 4 a.m., Tacoma Police said. Officers responded after receiving a call from an ICE employee at the detention center, according to the police department.
“We are extremely grateful to the officers of the Tacoma Police Department who reacted quickly to the incident that occurred outside the Northwest Detention Center this morning,” Michael Melendez, acting field office director for Seattle Enforcement and Removal Operations at ICE, said in a statement to The Washington Post. “This incident could have resulted in the loss of many more lives, were it not for the brave actions of all the officers involved.”
GEO Group told The Associated Press, that “baseless accusations,” about the facility, “have led to misplaced aggression and a dangerous environment for our employees, whose safety is our top priority. Violence of any kind against our employees and property will not be tolerated. We are thankful for the quick and brave action by the Tacoma Police Department, which prevented innocent lives from being endangered.” The company said the Tacoma detention center has air conditioning and other modern amenities, recreational activities, a bed for every detainee and medical care available at all hours.

Van Spronsen was reportedly a member of an anarchist collective which issued a statement calling his actions “inspiring.”



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