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Texas Psycho Killer’s Parents Claim They Taught Him ‘Love, Kindness … Tolerance’

Posted on | August 8, 2019 | 2 Comments


The emerging profile of the accused El Paso gunman shows him to be the spoiled and incompetent offspring of clueless parents:

The family of accused El Paso mass shooter Patrick Crusius has released a statement that says he was raised to love and accept others.
“Patrick’s actions were apparently influenced and informed by people we do not know, and from ideas and beliefs we do not accept or condone,” the statement said. “He was raised in a family that taught love, kindness, respect, and tolerance — rejecting all forms of racism, prejudice, hatred, and violence.” . . .
In court documents, Crusius said he was receiving benefits including food stamps and mentioned he had been receiving benefits from a public housing program, according to the El Paso Times.
Crusius had been living with his grandparents in Allen, about 30 miles north of Dallas, while he attended Collin College. He moved out of the house about six weeks before the shooting but spent a few nights in their home while they were out of town, the grandparents said in a statement.
Police said Crusius legally bought the gun he used in the shooting near his hometown. He drove the 10-hour trip to El Paso straight from the Dallas area. They said he got lost in an El Paso neighborhood and stopped at the Walmart where the attack happened because he was hungry.


The mother of the El Paso shooting suspect called Texas police weeks before the shooting to relay concerns about the semi-automatic rifle her son had acquired, according to reports.
The call, to the City of Allen Police Department, was passed onto a public safety officer who told the mother of Patrick Crusius, 21, that he was legally allowed to own the weapon, attorneys for his family told CNN and ABC News.
She was concerned about her son’s age, maturity and lack of experience and whether he should therefore be allowed to own an “AK” type weapon, CNN reported. . . .
His mother did not give her or her son’s name to Texas police and they did not seek any more information from her after the call, CNN quoted the family’s lawyers, Chris Ayres and R. Jack Ayres, as saying.

Here was an unemployed 21-year-old attending community college while living with his grandparents, and receiving food stamps, yet he somehow managed to come up with the cash to purchase a rifle. His mother — who insists her son was “taught love, kindness, respect, and tolerance” — becomes concerned about her son’s behavior and calls police, but does not give them sufficient information to alert them to a potential threat. She doesn’t want to take responsibility for her failure as a parent, having raised a mass murderer who, not coincidentally, was such a hopeless loser that he got lost on his way to his planned target.

What? Your idiot son didn’t even know how to use GPS?

Before my oldest son was 21, he was very competent with firearms and was also capable of navigating even without GPS, because they teach that kind of stuff at Fort Benning and Fort Bragg. But while allegedly teaching their son love and kindness, et cetera, the Crusius family evidently failed to impart to their son the basic skills necessary to success in life. Would you care to guess what the psycho killer’s father does for a living?

Patrick Crusius’ dad, John Bryan Crusius, is a licensed professional therapist at Dallas Addiction Recovery Therapy, also called Infused Being Therapy and Counseling. His Twitter page, LinkedIn Page and website described his therapeutic approach as holistic. It appeared his counseling is focused on addiction recovery.
“I use an integrated treatment approach to all my therapy and counseling,” the website says.
His services include treatment for alcohol, co-dependence, substance abuse and PTSD, the website said. He also wrote a book called “Life Enthusiasm: A Path to Purpose Beyond Recovery.” . . .
[Patrick Crusius] attended Liberty High School in Frisco, Texas and transferred to Plano Senior High School in Plano, Texas. Frisco, Plano and Allen, Texas are all in the Dallas/Forth Worth area.
Patrick Crusius also has an older brother and a twin sister, according to public records. His mother, Lori Lynn Crusius, filed for divorce in 2011. She works as a nurse, according to PBS.

The professional therapist’s wife divorced him, and his son grew up to be a crypto-Nazi mass murderer. Way to go, “expert” dad!



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