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Who Would Marry Dr. Frankenbaby?

Posted on | October 25, 2019 | 1 Comment


This Halloween season, a frightening tale has unfolded in Texas. Everyone has been following with a profound sense of horror the terrifying saga of James Younger, whose demented mother wants to raise him as a girl named “Luna.” This child-custody case from Hell went to trial and a jury sided with the mother, so the 7-year-old boy is now being ordered by a court to be brainwashed and castrated to satisfy his mother’s transgender mania. Who is this monstrous mom?

Dr. Anne Georgulas is a 56-year-old pediatrician who, in 2010, married Jeff Younger. Georgulas had previously adopted two girls as a single parent, but had never had children of her own. So in 2012, at age 49, she gave birth to twin sons. Think about that for just a minute. How many 49-year-olds become first-time mothers? It’s a very bad idea. By the time the kids are old enough to drive, she’ll be eligible for Social Security.

It turns out that these twin boys are not even biologically related to their “mother,” but rather were conceived by an IVF process using donor eggs and (we presume) her husband’s sperm. So these children are Frankenbabies, the product of experimental medical methods.

I am very dubious of the ethics of IVF using donor sperm and/or donor eggs, especially when used to create pregnancies for people who are trying to cheat nature. Like, if you wait until you’re in your 40s to try to have kids, you’re a victim of nothing but your own poor judgment, and I don’t believe the medical profession has a duty to assist you in your unnatural project of becoming a post-menopausal mom.

Ditto, I say, for homosexuals. Look, if you want to have babies, there’s a very well-known method for doing so, and if you don’t wish to engage in that activity, whose fault is it that you can’t have babies? But no, people believe they have “rights” in this regard, and so we have lesbian couples paying for sperm — as if this commodity can’t be found in plentiful supply, free of charge — and demanding that insurance pay for their insemination procedures, IVF and all the rest. But I digress . . .

The background of this Texas case calls into question the decisions that led to the birth of 7-year-old James Younger, the boy Anne Georgulas now wishes to raise as a girl named “Luna.” What kind of man, aspiring to fatherhood, would choose to marry a woman in her 40s?

Jeff Younger seems to be a shady character. According to his ex-wife, Younger lied about nearly everything, falsely claiming to be a college professor and Marine Corps combat veteran:

She testified in court in 2016 that she had learned Younger was married twice when she had been told initially of one marriage, that he “lied to her” about military experience, that he earned less income than she thought he did, that he had “taken unemployment probably several times in his life,” and that he did not have a college degree, and he was not a professor. She stated that she wouldn’t have married Younger if she had known about the second previous marriage. . . .
Georgulas testified that Younger had told her he was getting his PhD and had two degrees from a university in Dallas but later she determined he didn’t have a college degree. The court records state that Georgulas testified that she learned Younger “had been in the Marines for a very short period of time and because he was underage, he got removed from the Marines,” even though he allegedly told her he was a career Marine who had to fight in the Iraq War.
According to Georgulas, “she found out after they separated that Younger had been in the Army and was discharged due to an ‘admission of homosexuality.’” The court opinion states that the “record shows Younger testified he did not ‘mention much about the Army’ during the marriage, but acknowledged he was discharged from the Army due to admission of homosexuality.”

Whoa! “Admission of homosexuality”? That’s a pretty big red flag isn’t it?

In all the sympathetic coverage of Jeff Younger’s effort to save his son from his ex-wife’s transgender mania, has anyone asked him about this? Like, this seems rather significant, doesn’t it? And isn’t the story of his five-year marriage to Anne Georgulas rather odd? Why would this guy, who has been twice divorced, be so eager to marry this particular woman that he’d tell all kinds of lies to make it happen? Whose idea was it to do the IVF-with-donor-eggs? Did none of their acquaintances find it odd that this woman in her late 40s had suddenly discovered an urgent need to become pregnant? Isn’t it quite expensive to do it this way?

If a man wished to become a father, certainly he would best be advised to seek a partner much younger than Anne Georgulas, and the fact that Jeff Younger was ever involved with her counts as a strike against him, causing me to question whether he is acting in good faith.

None of this can be viewed as evidence in support of this deranged woman’s plan to raise her son as a girl named “Luna,” but it might help explain why family courts keep ruling against Jeff Younger.

People must consider the consequences of their choices. The path that led to this sad situation had more red flags than the May Day parade in Beijing. Every circumstance warned that the Georgulas-Younger marriage was a bad decision, and we should also question the judgment of the doctors who provided this couple with IVF treatment.

If Jeff Younger ever complains his ex-wife is crazy, the appropriate reply would be: “Yes — crazy enough to marry you.”



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