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Hint: They’re Not ‘Supreme’

Posted on | January 23, 2020 | Comments Off on Hint: They’re Not ‘Supreme’


These three losers — Luke Austin Lane, 21, Jacob Kaderli, 19, and Michael Helterbrand, 25 — decided that what they needed to do was to overthrow the government and start a race war:

Police have arrested three men in northern Georgia who are suspected of belonging to a violent white supremacist group called The Base, saying that they were plotting to commit murder and that they belonged to a criminal street gang.
They’re the second trio of suspected Base members to be arrested this week; the FBI announced [Jan. 16] that it arrested three other men in Maryland.
A fourth man, from Wisconsin, also accused of being a member of the group, was charged on Friday with conspiracy in connection with vandalism of a synagogue as part of a nationwide series of attacks on minority-owned properties.
The Floyd County, Ga., Police Department says Luke Austin Lane, 21, Michael John Helterbrand, 25, and Jacob Kaderli, 19, were “allegedly involved in a white supremacist group with plans to overthrow the government” and to kill a married couple whom they identified as having high-profile roles in the far-left group Antifa.
The FBI’s Atlanta office “conducted the bulk of the preliminary investigation” into the group, police say. They add that while other arrests have been made across the U.S., the Georgia case is important because a “training camp and leadership was based at a home” in the town of Silver Creek in Floyd County.
The Base was founded in mid-2018 and “seeks to accelerate the downfall of the United States (US) government, incite a race war, and establish a white ethno-state,” according to an affidavit prepared by local law enforcement.
The FBI successfully placed an undercover federal agent within The Base’s membership in Georgia, and the agent also came to know Yousef Omar Barasneh of Oak Creek, Wis.
Barasneh apparently joined the group under the name Joseph or Josef, according to an affidavit filed in federal court. He is accused of painting swastikas and The Base’s symbol at the Beth Israel Sinai Congregation in Racine, Wis.
The undercover agent interviewed online with Lane last July to gain access to the members-only chat room, the affidavit states. The next month, the agent was invited to meet with Lane and Kaderli. They searched him to make sure he was not carrying any recording devices and then asked him to follow them to a 105-acre lot owned by Lane and his father.
There, the agent was welcomed as a member. The affidavit alleges that Lane gave him “a black Balaklava hood and a Velcro Base logo patch to welcome [him] as a new member of The Base.”
Lane and Kaderli allegedly then told the agent that the next day’s training would “include ‘retreating under fire’ drills and moving-and-shooting drills,” the affidavit states. The stated purpose of the drills was allegedly to prepare The Base’s members for the “Boogaloo” – a name its members use to refer to what they see as the inevitable “collapse of the United States and subsequent race war.”

Did you ever notice that the kind of people attracted to this stuff are not usually very “supreme”? I mean, if you’re an absolute winner — a Nietzchean übermensch, a natural-born specimen of Nordic genetic superiority — you don’t need any kind of “movement” to succeed in life. However, if you did decide to organize a putsch, so that you and your neo-Nazi buddies could “establish a white ethno-state,” wouldn’t your superior Aryan mind enable you to avoid allowing an undercover FBI agent to infiltrate your ranks? What I’m trying to get across here is that, if you’re going to prison because you were too stupid to spot a cop, you’re probably not qualified for world domination anyway.

You might think that some of these would-be führers would have sought my advice, given that I’ve been hate-listed by the SPLC, but despite my alleged status as a racist menace to society, my advice — “Don’t Be Hitler” — continues to be ignored by these amateur dimwits.

By the way, according to the FBI, Luke Lane posted an autobiographical sketch on a neo-fascist website, in which he described how he “started out as a Republican because that is all I knew but I was mostly libertarian in nature,” but “quickly switched to libertarianism later in life” — he’s only 21, remember? — “and then realized that was dysfunctional and wrong as well.” So next he “switched to being an AnCap” (anarcho-capitalist) “because I viewed libertarianism as putting weak men who would not stand for what they should be standing for but realized the massive hole in that belief system.” Keep in mind, this guy’s just four years past his senior year of high school, but he’s already had enough time to change ideologies three times before, of course, ending up as a Nazi.

Which is not where you want to end up. Maybe just stick with being a plain old Republican? They’ll call you a Nazi anyway, but it’s better than, say, going to prison because you’re too dumb to spot a cop.



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