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7 p.m. ET Tonight: The Other Podcast Surrenders to ‘Yellow Peril’ Hysteria

Posted on | March 21, 2020 | Comments Off on 7 p.m. ET Tonight: The Other Podcast Surrenders to ‘Yellow Peril’ Hysteria


For too long, my podcasting partner John Hoge and I have attempted to downplay the dangers of the Deadly Chinese Menace.

We tried to be voices of prudent skepticism amid the hysterical outpouring of Fear and Loathing unleashed by the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic. It seemed to us irresponsible — and perhaps even racist — to suggest that this viral plague from the Far East could infect millions of Americans, killing thousands, overwhelming our health-care system, wrecking our economy. And what was the reward for our caution?

“Oh, you’re just being right-wing apologists for the Trump administration,” they said, accusing us of partisan bias because we didn’t give into the climate of apocalyptic doom-saying. And after careful consideration, I’ve decided our critics were right. So tonight — for an entire hour beginning at 7 p.m. ET — we’re going to surrender to fear.

Yes, if Rachel Maddow is going to demand that networks stop broadcasting President Trump’s coronavirus press conferences because he is guilty of giving the American people too much hope — “fairy tales”! — she is implying that the responsible thing to do is to abandon all hope.



Anything less than the worst-case scenario is wrong — that’s what responsible people like Rachel Maddow are saying, and therefore it is obviously time for everyone to give in to abject panic. We are all doomed, destined to die and be overrun by hordes of bat-eating Chinese!

You want fear-mongering? Why, I’m prepared to monger fear of such depths as not imagined since the days of Lothrop Stoddard. How foolish we were to imagine our pathetic “science” and so-called “democracy” could save us from these cunning Asiatics and their Oriental diseases!


Tonight — 7 p.m. ET on The Other Podcast — and if you want to help us usher in the New Era of Helpless Panic, call in at (646) 668-2541.

And, as usual, our greedy capitalist scheme requires us to remind you that The Five Most Important Words in the English Language are:




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