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‘Feminist’ Jessica Valenti: Vote for Biden Because ORANGE MAN BAD!

Posted on | April 16, 2020 | 2 Comments


When last we took notice of “feminist” Jessica Valenti, she was “despairing” about the failure of Elizabeth Warren’s campaign:

I knew going into Super Tuesday that Elizabeth Warren was unlikely to win big. I had prepared myself for that. What did take me by surprise, though, was just how poorly she fared: Even in her home state of Massachusetts, she finished third. . . .
It’s enough to make me feel, well, despairing: that we had the candidate of a lifetime — someone with the energy, vision, and follow-through to lead the country out of our nightmarish era — and that the media and voters basically outright erased and ignored her. . . .
Whoever the nominee is, their campaign is going to have to come to terms with the intense misogyny so many female voters have dealt with — and understand that it’s an issue we care deeply about. And their supporters are going to have to let us be sad — depressed, even — that once again we’re going to watch a race to leadership between old white men.

Cry more, bitch. Anything that makes you unhappy is objectively good.

By the way, what’s the COVID-19 rate in your posh Brooklyn neighborhood? But never mind that, there’s your latest personal disaster:

On election night in 2016, my six-year-old daughter and I wore matching “feminist” T-shirts, ordered a pizza, and sat glued in front of the television with my mother. Assuming three generations of women were about to watch the first female president be elected, I bought a bottle of champagne. (It’s still sitting in a dusty corner of my bar.)
This November, there won’t be buzzy excitement or matching T-shirts with my daughter. On election day, my choice will be between Donald Trump, a dangerous bigot who has been credibly accused of rape, sexual assault, and harassment by more than two dozen women over a more than four-decade period, and Joe Biden, a man recently accused of sexually assaulting a Senate aide in the 1990s, and who has made fun of the women who complained about his penchant for unwanted shoulder rubs.
Biden is the better choice by a mile, and I’ll do what’s right for the country and vote for him. But I’m still furious: I can’t believe that when faced with the most dangerous president of our lifetime, Democrats are moving ahead with a nearly 80-year-old moderate who has shown himself time and again not up for the fight. I am livid that Democratic women will be called on, once again, to cast our vote in the name of reducing harm to the country rather than moving it forward.
Most of all, I’m angry that people who want Trump out are expected to just vote without airing our concerns about the man who stands between him and another four years. . . .

Joe Biden is the Democrat you deserve, Jessica. Your particular hustle — two decades of promoting a brand of “feminism” that is, in fact, nothing but partisanship aimed toward mobilizing women to vote Democrat — has finally been exposed as the shabby grift is always was. You have about as much credibility as Bill Kristol, Rick Wilson and the rest of the #NeverTrump crew, which is to say, no credibility at all.

Amazing what Trump Derangement Syndrome does to people . . .



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