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‘In a Statement, Biden Said …’

Posted on | May 7, 2020 | Comments Off on ‘In a Statement, Biden Said …’


OK, first the great Ace of Spades headline:

Biden: Believe All Women
(Except The Lying Whore Accusing Me)

This is about a policy position taken by the Democrat:

Former Vice President Joe Biden said Wednesday that if he’s elected president, he will reverse a rule issued by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos aimed at bolstering protections for students who are accused of sexual assault on university campuses.
In a statement, Biden said the new rule was an effort by the Trump administration to “shame and silence” survivors of sexual assault
“It’s wrong,” Biden said. “And, it will be put to a quick end in January 2021, because as president, I’ll be right where I always have been throughout my career — on the side of survivors, who deserve to have their voices heard, their claims taken seriously and investigated, and their rights upheld.”

In other words, this is not literally something “Biden said.” Instead, reporters are quoting a press release issued by the Biden campaign. This is an important distinction because, as we all know, Biden’s mental deterioration has become so acute that he cannot speak coherently. Biden’s enablers in the press corps, of course, are obligated to pretend they don’t know this, therefore, they report “Biden said” things that he is, in fact, incapable of saying. You know who’s been calling b.s. on this? A guy by the name of Donald Trump. From a press conference Monday:

REPORTER: “Joe Biden actually just attacked you in a tweet, I don’t know if you have seen it.”
TRUMP: “He just what?”
REPORTER: “Attacked you.”
TRUMP: “He didn’t write anything. He has professionals from the Democrats writing.”
REPORTER: “Let me read what he said. He says Donald Trump is not responsible for the coronavirus but he is responsible for failing to prepare our nation to respond to it. How do you respond to that, sir?”
TRUMP: “He didn’t write that. That was done by a Democrat operative. He doesn’t write. He doesn’t — he’s probably not even watching right now. And if he is, he doesn’t understand what he’s watching. . . . Joe Biden didn’t write that. Joe Biden didn’t write that. He wished he did but he didn’t.”





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