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‘Adult Entertainment’

Posted on | August 31, 2020 | 1 Comment


Say hello to Laura Wambles of Dothan, Alabama, a/k/a “Aubrey Gold.” Two weeks after her 18th birthday, Ms. Wambles began performing in what are euphemistically called “adult entertainment” videos. She was quite busy in the field of “adult entertainment” for a couple of years:

Wambles’ Internet Adult Film Database page lists 65 credits. Wambles’ videos have been viewed over 26 million times on PornHub.

By 2017, however, Ms. Wambles seems to have exited the industry, perhaps due to a dispute with her “agent,” Sheelagh Blumberg.

Fans of “Aubrey Gold” may have wondered what ever happened to her. Well, she made news this week — where else? — in Florida:

A 23-year-old former porn star, her boyfriend and another man were charged in the death of a man found buried in a shallow grave in Florida last week, reports said.
Lauren Wambles, who goes by Aubrey Gold, was charged with being a principal to the murder of 51-year-old Raul GuillenWTVY reported.
The body of Guillen, who had been missing since early July, was found Tuesday off a road in the city of Graceville, Florida.
While alive, Guillen was last known to be at the Graceville home of Jeremie Peters, 43, along with Wambles and her 35-year-old boyfriend, William ParkerWDHN reported, citing police.
Investigators found evidence linked to Guillen’s murder at the home of Peters, the report said.
Peters was charged with being an accessory to murder, while Parker faces an open count of murder, the reports said.
Wambles appeared in 31 adult films from 2015 to 2018, WTVY reported.


Permit me to say that the phrases “adult film” and “porn star” are both profoundly misleading. These are not “films,” they’re low-budget videos, and the people who consume this vile fare are not more “adult” than the rest of us; in fact they are quite immature. To describe a performer in this low-rent filth as a “star” is to attribute to them a level of wealth and fame that they certainly do not possess. Nearly all of them work under aliases, and even the most popular performers are unknown except among the perverts for whom their videos serve as mastubatory inspiration.

What sort of people work in this industry? The word “trash” is appropriate. Wambles “has been arrested at least six times since 2018” and at the time of her murder arrest, she was facing a November trial for felony drug possession. She was hanging around scum:

Ronnie Peacock, 51, and Patrick D. Howard, 36, were arrested and charged with possession of methamphetamine in unrelated cases.
While conducting an investigation into a homicide case Monday involving the murder of Raul Ambriz Guillen, a missing Dothan man, deputies executed a search warrant at 1101 Highway 171. While conducting the search, deputies observed a baggie containing methamphetamine in plain view.
A second resident residing at 1101 Highway 171, Jeremy Peters, was later arrested in connection to Guillen’s murder. . . .
Tuesday while deputies continued to investigate the homicide crime scene in the area, deputies observed Howard riding a bicycle and approaching the perimeter of the crime scene.
Deputies made contact with Howard and searched him, discovering a small bag of methamphetamine inside a plastic pill bottle.

It’s as if everyone in the vicinity was a meth head, and so we can imagine what it was that led to this murder. Hang around that kind of trash and you may end up in a shallow grave, or in prison.

“Adult entertainment,” indeed.



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