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Philadelphia: Murder City, U.S.A.

Posted on | October 14, 2020 | 3 Comments

If you want to stay alive, stay out of Philadelphia. Earlier this month, the total of murders in the city surpassed last year’s total:

The police commissioner says gun violence in Philadephia is an epidemic that the department is battling.
“We are not giving up, we are not waving the white flag, and we are not taking our foot off the gas,” said Commissioner Danielle Outlaw.
The city controller said [Oct. 6] that Philadelphia is on par to reach 450 murders this year.
“At the start of a new week, we once again find ourselves lamenting another weekend marred by gun violence. Yesterday, we experienced a Monday where six people were senselessly killed,” said Commissioner Danielle Outlaw . . .

(Note the phrase “gun violence,” as if firearms were the cause of this “epidemic.” The human factor — the criminals who actually commit these murders — disappears in this mechanical view.)

According to figures released by Philadephia officials, shooting incidents are up 57% over 2019 rates. The number of shooting victims is up 47% compared to last year.
Homicide numbers have now eclipsed last year’s total for the entire year, now standing at 365 murders. . . .
“The notion that the police department alone can cure the pandemic of gun violence is not only erroneous but it absolves other stakeholders their duty to participate in this public health crisis,” said Outlaw.
Mayor Jim Kenney says economic factors are also leading to the violence spike and that police officers are doing their best.
“They are patrolling our streets trying to get between combatants that are dead set on killing each other. If you couple in the pandemic and economic crisis and the rising gun violence it’s all just a toxic stew,” said Mayor Kenney.

It’s the “pandemic,” the “economic crisis” and guns themselves causing this, says Mayor Kenney. Speaking of mayors, the last Republican mayor of Philadelphia left office in 1952. Philadelphia has been a Democrat fiefdom for nearly 70 years, but we’re not supposed to mention this when someone notice the murdered corpses piling up in city streets.

Dana Pico reminds us of the real cause of Philly’s crime wave:

Larry Krasner, who was elected District Attorney in Philadelphia in 2017, and was the beneficiary of a huge campaign contribution from leftist billionaire George Soros, is a leftist who hates the police and doesn’t pursue supposedly petty offenses, and ran on a platform saying he would:

  • Stop prosecuting insufficient and insignificant cases
  • Review past convictions, free the wrongfully convicted
  • Stop cash bail imprisonment
  • Treat addiction as an illness, not a crime
  • Protect immigrants while protecting everybody
  • Reject a return to the failed drug wars of the past
  • Stand up to police misconduct

The wholly predictable results? In 2018, Mr Krasner’s first year in office, city homicides jumped from 315 to 353, a 12.06% increase.

Question: What percentage of homicide suspects have prior felony convictions on their record? This is a point I’ve previously made:

People don’t usually begin their criminal careers with murder. No, they start small — a robbery here, a burglary there — and cycle in and out of the criminal justice system for a few years until, one day, they commit a heinous atrocity. Then everybody looks at their arrest records and says, “Why wasn’t this monster already behind bars?”

Many murders in Philadelphia and other cities don’t involve innocent victims; it’s gangs of drug dealers fighting over “turf.” A gangster killed by rival gangsters is no cause for mourning, but no honest citizen would wish to live in a community where the streets are ruled by gangsters. That’s why nearly all the people who live there are Democrats.

In 2016, Hillary Clinton got 83% of the vote in Philadelphia.



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