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God Bless Officer Tatum

Posted on | May 20, 2021 | Comments Off on God Bless Officer Tatum

If you are a God-fearing American, you need to be praying for this man. Brandon Tatum is doing the Lord’s work, and he needs all your prayer circles calling down God’s angels to protect him from evil.

Because I watch a lot of crime videos on YouTube, the algorithm somehow started pushing videos from the Officer Tatum channel into my recommendations, and the first one I watched was like, “Oh, wow, this guy gets it.” He’s saying the same things I’ve been saying about this violent crime wave and BLM and Ben Crump and so forth.

Anyway, he uploaded a video about the shooting of Andrew Brown Jr. in Elizabeth City, North Carolina. For weeks, Crump and the usual suspects have been in the “Family Demand Answers” mode, accusing police (county sheriff’s deputies, actually) of “executing” Brown. “Release the video!” was the main demand, and it was implied, if not stated directly, that there was some kind of cover-up involved. What these “activist” types and their friends in the liberal media didn’t want you to know is, first of all, the laws in North Carolina don’t allow for this kind of stuff to be released publicly without a judge’s authorization, and the judge in this case wanted to wait until the state police and the district attorney had completed their investigation. But if you’re stupid enough to believe the way this story was presented on CNN and MSNBC, you might actually believe that the sheriff’s deputies in Pasquotank County are just a bunch of racist goons who murdered an innocent black man.

My second point: Andrew Brown Jr. was definitely not innocent.

He was never really innocent in his entire adult life. When he got shot dead by deputies serving an arrest warrant, Brown was 42. He had a criminal record dating back as far as 1996. Do the math, and you realize Brown has been a criminal since before he even turned 18.

So far as anyone can tell, Andrew Brown Jr. never had a real job, never earned an honest dollar in his whole life. He was a lifelong drug dealer who was convicted no fewer than 12 times — TWELVE TIMES — of felony drug charges. He was most recently released from prison in 2018. The reason deputies were serving a warrant on him was because an informant got undercover video of Brown dealing drugs. What kind of drugs was he dealing? Meth, cocaine, and heroin laced with fentanyl.

It wasn’t like Brown was just turning over a few nickel bags of weed or something. He was dealing serious amounts of very bad drugs, the kind of stuff that puts people in an early grave, and you can make all the libertarian arguments you want for ending the “War on Drugs,” but do you want this deadly poison being sold in your community?

America answers: “Hell to the no.” We want to put these people in prison, and the sheriff’s department in Pascotank County had an airtight case against Anthony Brown Jr. They had warrants to arrest him and search his property, but they also knew that Brown had previously shown a disposition to resist arrest or attempt to flee, so when they went to serve the warrant, they brought their tactical squad with them.

Now I’m going to insert Officer Tatum’s video, in which he reviews and comments on the body-camera footage of this incident:


Let me here say a few words about prejudice.

Because I’m a Southerner, I’ve been dealing with prejudice my whole life. One of the reasons I prefer written communication is because, with the written word, you can’t hear my accent. Like Jeff Foxworthy says, the minute a Southerner opens his mouth, people deduct 15 points from his IQ score — no matter how smart a Southerner may be, the slow-motion drawl makes him sound stupid. And because I’ve got a particularly sharp Appalachian twang, I know I seem more intelligent when I write than when I speak. Having dealt with this problem for decades — a professional journalist who talks like Jed Clampett — I am aware that black people suffer similar problems if they “talk black.”

What do you think Joe Biden meant, really, when he praised Barack Obama as being “clean” and “articulate,” as if possessing such qualities had been hitherto unknown among black Americans? You can say it was racist of Biden to say that, and the last thing I want to do is to defend Joe against accusations of racism, but what he obviously meant was that Obama didn’t “talk black” like, e.g., Jesse Jackson.

Or Maxine Waters or Sheila Jackson Lee or any of the other black Democrats who, by word and deed, reinforce the worst racial stereotypes. I mean, every time “Kerosene Maxine” opens her mouth, it’s like a recruiting ad for the KKK. If you’re looking for the Number One cause of racism in America, look no farther than the 43rd District of California.

All of this I say because Brandon Tatum talks the way you’d expect a black man from Tarrant County, Texas, to talk, and many viewers of his videos — particularly the intellectuals of the journalistic elite — might therefore underestimate his intelligence. Certainly, he’s been dealing with this his whole life, but let me tell you something I know from direct experience: Just because a black person doesn’t speak with the elocution and grammatic accuracy of a Cambridge University professor, don’t assume they’re stupid. Because the joke may be on you.

See, as a professional journalist, I learned to anticipate how my redneck accent caused people to underestimate me, and use that to my advantage — like Detective Columbo playing dumb with a murder suspect, and then waving his cigar: “Ah, I just got one more question . . .”

Call up somebody and give ’em that aw-shucks, yes-ma-am, no-ma’am stuff like you’re just a down-home good ol’ boy — let ’em underestimate you — and you’d be surprised at what folks will tell you. If I can figure out how prejudice can be used as ju-jitsu leverage, I’m sure plenty of black people have figured it out, too, so if you’re underestimating Brandon Tatum because he “talks black,” you need to rethink your assumptions. And speaking of assumptions . . .

Why do so many people — including a lot of liberals — act as if the word black is a synonym for poor? Some white folks encounter a successful black man and will automatically assume he grew up in the ghetto and miraculously escaped a life of poverty. Hate to disillusion anyone, but despite the so-called “income gap” between whites (as a group) and blacks (as a group), there are lots of middle-class black people in America, and not every black child grows up in the ghetto.

Brandon Tatum’s father was a captain in the Fort Worth fire department, and his grandfather’s brother, Jack Tatum, was an All-Pro defensive back for the Oakland Raiders in their Super Bowl glory days. Brandon Tatum went to the University of Arizona on a football scholarship, didn’t get picked in the NFL draft and became a police officer in Tucson. Seven years later, after he went viral speaking out on behalf of Donald Trump, Tatum left the police force and became a full-time commentator.

He’s got 1.6 million YouTube subscribers — an audience about twice the size of CNN’s average daytime viewership. And he’s the real deal.

Everything he says about this Andrew Brown Jr. shooting is what I’d say myself, except I’m a white guy and nobody cares what a white guy says about BLM because it’s racist when we say the common-sense truth about these criminal scumbags who get themselves shot by cops.

Every Christian knows that “the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour,” and you know Satan would like nothing better than to devour a righteous man like Brandon Tatum, so I’m asking y’all to get that intercessory prayer going for him.

Lift him up. We need this guy’s voice amplified so loud it makes liberals shut their mouths with all this “systemic racism” nonsense.

Can I get an “amen,” dear brothers?



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