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Personally I Blame Ruy Teixeira

Posted on | May 16, 2022 | Comments Off on Personally I Blame Ruy Teixeira

Hang on a minute, and I’ll explain why Ruy Teixeira of the Center for American Progress is the real inspiration for the mass shooting in Buffalo. First, however, the usual suspects have been busy:

Rolling Stone is facing severe backlash on social media after publishing a commentary article suggesting the 18-year-old suspect in the Buffalo shooting was a “mainstream Republican.”
The article suggests that right-wing extremists are commanding the Republican Party and pushing hateful and delusional rhetoric that channels both the “great replacement” theory and white supremacy.
The “great replacement” theory is “the idea that white people, in the United States and white-majority countries around the world, are being systematically, deliberately outbred and ‘replaced’ by immigrants and ethnic minorities, in a deliberate attempt to rid the world of whiteness,” according to the Rolling Stone article.
The theory has served as the inspiration for numerous terror attacks and fueled a “gnawing fear of a minority-white America” that has consumed conservative politics in the country, the article posits.
Thus, rather than a lone wolf, the shooter in Buffalo is a “mainstream Republican” who is “gripped by a racist delusion,” according to the commentary article.
Many on social media have not taken kindly to that suggestion and have ripped Rolling Stone online.

Now, I am less interested in “replacement theory” than I am in replacement fact — that is to say, rather than speculating about future contingencies and seeking scapegoats — it’s much more helpful to ascertain what is actually happening now, and figure out why it is happening. Conspiracy theories and science fiction scenarios about a dystopian future aren’t my stock in trade and (it should not be necessary to say) I am against mass murder.

Also, I am against Democrats like Ruy Teixeira.

You see, in 2002, he published a book entitled The Emerging Democratic Majority, which not only inspired a lot of triumphalist chest-beating about our Glorious Progressive Future, but also inspired an explicitly anti-white rhetoric by Democrats. Every time they lose an election, Democrats now scream “voter suppression” and claim that Republicans are basically trying to re-institute Jim Crow. It is this trend — for which Ruy Teixeira bears direct responsibility — which has fueled the kind of demographic-related Fear and Loathing of which Peyton Genron is the latest gaudy example. Exactly how is murdering a bunch of random people at a grocery store in Buffalo counted as a “win” for anybody’s cause? If random massacres are part of your Grand Strategy, maybe you need to rethink whatever movement you claim to be representing.

As it is, the death toll in the Buffalo shooting is twice the number shot to death this past weekend in Chicago, although 28 others were wounded in Chicago. More than 1,000 people have been shot in Chicago so far this year, including 200 fatal shootings. But none of those shootings gave liberals a reason to blame Tucker Carlson, so you probably haven’t heard too much about them. As for the whole “Great Replacement” scare, I’ve got six kids and five grandchildren already, so you can’t accuse me of slacking off in the demographic department. If y’all ain’t keeping up, that’s not my fault, just like it’s not my fault if some teenage dweeb from the suburbs of Binghamton, N.Y., goes berserk in a grocery store.

By the way, I managed to download a copy of the shooter’s “manifesto,” in which he explains that he is (a) a graduate of a public high school in New York and (b) an engineering major at the local SUNY campus. So, if we’re going to blame somebody, how about the New York public school system and engineering majors? The FBI needs to get busy compiling a dossier of future mass murderers who fit this profile.

Meanwhile, it’s almost 8 o’clock here, so I’ll have to log off and watch Tucker Carlson as he gives Super-Secret Marching Orders to Would-Be Mass Murderers. It’s must-see TV, I tell ya . . .



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