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Headless Woman in Hopeless City

Posted on | December 6, 2022 | 4 Comments

How many murders involving decapitation happen in an average year in the United States? Pretty sure the number is small, but when your city is on pace for more than 500 murders a year — as is the case in “Killadelphia” — a certain number of statistical outliers can be expected:

Since the beginning of the year, Philadelphia police have been called 21 times to the Lawndale house where a woman was found decapitated this week, a law enforcement source said Thursday.
Seven of those calls to the two-story home on the 300 block of Magee Avenue were for reports of domestic disturbances. One of the calls was for a person with a gun and some of the others were reports of fights between a man and a woman, the source said.
It was unclear whether any of those incidents involved the victim of Tuesday’s homicide, Leila Al Raheel, 41, or Ahmad Shareef, the 34-year-old man accused of killing her.
Word of repeated calls to the home steps away from Tacony Creek is the latest development in a gruesome slaying that shook the Lawndale neighborhood.
Al Raheel was found dead in the home Tuesday afternoon, after police responded to a report of a stabbing and found her headless corpse.
Minutes later, police discovered Shareef hiding a distance away. They also recovered a knife, police said.
Shareef was charged with murder, abuse of a corpse, and possessing an instrument of crime, authorities said. He was being held without bail.
It was unclear what, if any, relationship Shareef and Al Raheel had beyond living in the same house, but authorities said the slaying was being investigated as a domestic homicide.

Now, I know what you must be thinking. It’s a murder in Philadelphia and the suspect is named “Ahmad,” so he’s probably . . .

Ahmad Shareef

Syrian! Surprise, surprise!

Neighbors said that as many as 10 people had been living in the house, and that some of them may have been staying in the garage. Shareef and at least one other man who lived there behaved aggressively toward others on the street, threatened neighbors, and got into fights, they said. . . .
One nearby resident, who asked not to be identified, said the occupants of the house were Syrian immigrants who had moved in about seven years ago. At first, the residents were welcomed to the neighborhood, but fights and arguments were soon heard constantly coming from the house.

You gotta admit, it takes a special kind of immigrant to be more disturbingly violent than the locals in Philadelphia, who murder about 10 people in an average week. And maybe the State Department needs to do a better job of vetting these “refugees.” Like, why are we importing bloodthirsty savages from foreign countries, as if the domestic population doesn’t already have enough bloodthirsty savages? But on second thought, if you’re going to resettle refugees from a war-torn country like Syria, they’ll feel right at home in Murder City, U.S.A.

A Philadelphia parking authority officer was shot in the head in broad daylight by a thug in the City of Brotherly Love [Nov. 25].
The suspect was caught on a surveillance camera walking up behind the 37-year-old male parking official and shooting him in the head at point-blank range at 3.50pm on the 4500 block Frankford Avenue the day after Thanksgiving.
The officer, who was on duty at the time of the crime, is seen in video footage immediately collapsing onto the sidewalk before help arrives.
He is now in stable condition and the PPA is hopeful he will make a full recovery, having primarily been injured in his shoulder and ear.
Police are still investigating the incident and have not yet made any arrests, but believe the victim was a ‘target’.
Following the shooting, Philadelphia Deputy Commissioner Frank Vanore said, ‘It’s bold. It’s brazen and something we’re definitely going to do everything we can to solve immediately.’
‘We believe he was the intended target,’ he continued. ‘We have some witnesses saying a car pulled up, shots were fired, and then a car pulled away.’

Well, at least he didn’t decapitate him . . .



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