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In The Mailbox: 08.15.23 (Early Morning Edition)

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

357 Magnum: Good Guys 3, Bad Guys 0
EBL: Blame Hawaii Democrats For Maui Fires, Oliver Anthony: Rich Men North of Richmond, Cologne Cathedral Completed, and Georgia Indictment? Does this mean no library for Donald J. Trump?
Twitchy: Glenn Greenwald Roasts “True Conservative” David French, Laura Loomer Outs “Racist, Transphobic, & Homophobic” “Max Nordau”, and National Review Tells Us The Song Oliver Anthony Should Have Written
Louder With Crowder: Lizzo dropped from Super Bowl consideration amid alleged fat-shaming, Barack Obama wrote to ex-girlfriend that he fantasized about sexing up dudes in newly discovered redacted letter, and Rolling Stone leads the expected media attacks against Oliver Anthony and “Rich Men North of Richmond”
Vox Popoli: The Unaccountable, How to Fail, Vocation and Articulation, They Can’t Hide the Bodies, and SF is Dying and LA is Next
Stoic Observations: With No Further Assistance Or Guidance From You
Gab News: Academics Shocked By Study Comparing Gab & Facebook 

Adam Piggott: Should a Woman save her Husband or her Child?
American Conservative: Why Bill Watterson Vanished, also, The Other Populist in the Race
American Greatness: Joe Biden’s Race Against the Truth, Introducing Contempt of Public, and GOP Critics Call Appointment of David Weiss to Special Counsel an Attempt to ‘Whitewash’ Biden Family Corruption
American Thinker: Comparing the Tactics of the Dems to the Nazis is No Longer Seen as Unreasonable, The Weaponization of Justice, and Of Course the Climate Has Always Been Changing
Animal Magnetism: Goodbye, Blue Monday
Babalu Blog: Russian tourists complain of nightmarish experiences in their Cuban ‘dream holidays’, Cuba’s medical crisis totally ignored by UN, EU, capitalist governments and world’s fawning news media, Cuban dictatorship launches new propaganda campaign in the U.S., Slide show: Havana’s fountains prove the city is dying of thirst — except at apartheid hotels, of course, and Cuba’s self-employed face eight-fold increase in their social security taxes
Baldilocks: Evil Twin
BattleSwarm: Red China’s New Enemy: Deflation, Red China Is Screwed: Pipe People, and Ruble Now A Penny
Behind The Black: Red China’s Long March 3B launches radar satellite, Axiom signs deal with Poland and ESA to send Polish astronaut to Axiom’s future space station, Residual ice on the shaded north-facing slope of northern Martian crater, Chandrayaan-3 completes next-to-last orbital maneuver before releasing Vikram lander, and Today’s blacklisted American: Gestapo in Kansas raid home of 98-year-old newspaper owner, causing her death
Cafe Hayek: A “Climate Psychology Certificate Program”?
CDR Salamander: Red China’s Summer From The Aleutians To Guadalcanal, also, Industrial Security At Last?
Chicago Boyz: Disturbing
Da Tech Guy: Modern students suck, The Single Best Explanation of “Woke” Christianity Actually is, The studio albums by The Band, ranked, and DeSantis 2024 is to the GOP Deepstate Establishment what Greek Food is to Leonard Hofstadter
Dana Loesch: Trump Charges Leaked In Georgia?
Don Surber: It’s Our Party & We’ll Trump If We Want To
First Street Journal: The Feds believe that conservative Catholics are an extremist threat, Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain, and The left want poorer, minority neighborhoods to have nicer things, but fret that them having nicer things will attract more white people to move in!
Gates Of Vienna: It Ain’t Over Till the Imam Sings, Paul Weston: “Question Everything”, What’s a Few Death Threats Among Friends?, On the Beach, and Deportation? What’s That?
The Geller Report: Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel Confirms 10K Voter Registrations Delivered to Muskegon Clerk in October 2020 Were FRAUDULENT, Bribed Biden Asks for ANOTHER $40 Billion in Additional Nazi Ukraine Aid, and Two Princeton, MIT Scientists Say EPA Climate Regulations Based on a ‘Hoax’
Hogewash: A Hazy Lenticular Galaxy, A Cosmic Ribbon, A Rocket Launch As Seen From The ISS, Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, and A Birthday
Hollywood In Toto: Judy Greer Shines (Yet Again) in Aporia, Shape of Shadows Looks Beyond Paranormal Hot Spot, Tom MacDonald’s ‘Your America’: Destructive Ideologies Come from the Left, and Jim Carrey’s Truman Show Predicted Our Binge-Watching Age
The Lid: Hunter’s New Special Council Appointment Is A False Flag, also, Bring Back ‘Redskins’ Movement Is Gaining Steam, And LOOK Who’s Driving It!
Legal Insurrection: George Washington U. Cuts Ties With Group Following Vote of Support for BDS, Trump Indicted on 13 Counts in Georgia 2020 Election Probe, West Virginia University Planning to Cut a Dozen Majors, Reduce Staff, NY Democrat: Erie County Won’t Take More Migrants After Second Alleged Assault Involving Asylum Seeker, U.S. Energy Industry Warns Biden EPA’s Proposed Carbon Emissions Rules are ‘Unworkable’, and Maui’s Wildfire Disaster: Media Pushes ‘Climate Crisis’ Cause, People Are Pushing Back
Nebraska Energy Observer: Saturday – just for you, Tenth Sunday after Trinity, and Remembrance and Legacy
Outkick: Male Powerlifter Sets Another Women’s Record At Canadian Championship; Riley Gaines, Martina Navratilova React, Michael Oher Alleges Tuohy Family Tricked Him, Never Adopted Him, And That He Lost Out On Millions In ‘Blind Side’ Movie, Tim Tebow Has No Regrets About How His Faith May Have Impacted His NFL Career, Mark Zuckerberg Pulls Out Of Fight With Elon Musk, Claims Tesla CEO ‘Isn’t Serious’, Russell Wilson Ruthlessly Mocked By Cardinals After Preseason Loss, and Joe Thomas Reveals The Moment He Knew Johnny Manziel Was Going To Be A Problem
Power Line: Why Weiss?, Whither the Weather?, Consequences of Eroding Meritocracy, and The Great Realignment
Shark Tank: Frost Whines Suspension Of Worrell Is “Fascism”
Shot In The Dark: Life & Death In A Blue Sinecure, also, Their Best Interests
This Ain’t Hell: “Oh, My Stars, My Linda’s Gone to Mars” – David Grusch again, Skittles’ “Black Trans Lives Matter” Slogan Stirs Uproar, A real feel-good story, Treamon Lacy is indicted for crashing Humvee at Fort Stewart headquarters, and Flag Promotions Threatened!
Transterrestrial Musings: Biden Corruption Coverage, California’s Math Framework, The Pros And Cons Of Living In Each State, The Fix Is In, and AI
Victory Girls: Harry Sisson, Screeching Child, Democrat Shill, Doesn’t Know History, Trans Widow Details Dark Side of The Ideology, and RFK Jr. Flip-Flops On Abortion Limits Because He’s A Democrat
Volokh Conspiracy: Prof. Michael McConnell, Responding About the Fourteenth Amendment, “Insurrection,” and Trump
Watts Up With That: Comments On The Insanity Of EPA’s New Power Plant Rule, The Origin of the Hawaii Fires/Preventing a Similar Tragedy in the Future, Biden-backed electric vehicle company files for bankruptcy, Europe’s Self-Imposed Energy Crisis: Paying Homage to Gaia, and Great Reset U-Turn: British Mainstream Political Parties are Road Testing Anti-Green Policies
The Federalist: Generational Divides Show The Dangers Of Discarding What Makes Us Great, To Beat Leftist Groupthink, Put Down Your Phone And Pick Up A Hobby, Two Years Later, We Know The Deadly Fall Of Kabul Didn’t Have To Happen This Way, Ruth Marcus’ Alito Attack Is Grossly Hypocritical Considering Her Endorsement Of Nina Totenberg’s Work, 6 Takeaways From The Biden Admin’s Court Quest To Keep Censoring Americans Online, With The ‘Suicide Card,’ Transgender Activists Weaponize Kindness, and What My Family’s Bloody History In The Spanish Civil War Teaches About The FBI’s Assault On Catholics
Mark Steyn: No More Heroes Any More: Noir Goes to London in Night and the City, Nessun dorma, and When the Edge of the Map Moves Inward

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