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How Do We Manage Compromise?

Posted on | August 16, 2023 | Comments Off on How Do We Manage Compromise?

by Smitty

Kurt Schilchter is one of the true thought leaders on the right.
He posed a serious question, and I, rudely, answered with another.

As is universally the case, the better answer is straight out of the Bible.
We’ve been looking at the Saul/David divide in Sunday School in I Samuel.
If one can generalize from Saul to the tyrannical Left, and David to the patriotic Right, some insights obtain:

  • Saul cannot be reached, despite literal decades of effort. Pray without ceasing (absolutely) but know that the bad guy gets a vote, and it is often cast in favor of tragedy over repentance.
  • Honoring the Lord remains the overarching priority. You cannot achieve good ends through evil means. The Left has laundered evil through the law; but good in man’s eyes isn’t justification in the Lord’s. A grey area here is the mail-in ballots. They are a trap. Election security is thrown to the wind. The GOP is not making an issue of this, or promising reform. This is an indicator.
  • Violence happens. David holds on as long as he can, then flees for his life. Preparedness is key to success.
  • Violence is not met with violence. No one–no one–would have blamed David for snuffing Saul either of the clear times that David could have ended the drama. David’s insight was that whatever means were used aginst Saul would be the New Rules that would be applied to him as king.
  • Vengeance is the Lord’s. As a daily excercise, pray for President Biden, VP Harris, and all of the other degenerates on the Left. It is theraputic for you to hold up their humanity in prayer, with sincerity. You are arguably better than they. Sure. But if God is 1, then you and I are so far out to the right of the decimal as to render such comparisons moot. So let’s ge over our flesh and be assured that, even if they skate under the sun, they will meet the Judge Eternal, who heedeth not CNN.

After a good, prayerful soul-purge, we can tone down the hormones and calmly consider the situation.

The country has jacked around. Has for [you pick the number] of years.

We are on the cusp of finding out.

Finding out whether that “American Exceptionalism” means shag-all. Not that the country was bullet-proof. The 1st Amendment leaves plenty of roomm for lying and gaslighting and mal-education to take a toll. Exceptionalism means that, having thrown a runtime exception, the country’s founding principles are sunk deep enough to puke out the godless Commie falsehoods and restore the Republic. Or not.

Who’s leading this recovery?

You are.

The recovery starts with *NOT* externalizing the work, and seeking the correct name for the ballot to sink a sling-stone into the forehead of the Deep State Goliath. That’s not how this works.

While Trump affords some distraction, and hormonal release for some, I have yet to hear a coherent reform plan from him. Stipulating that he prevails next year, it doesn’t matter if he jails half the government and treat the U.S. Code like Maui: if you don’t fundamentally alter the context, then you shall have obtained passing entertainment at best.

So: who follows the 2024 nominee? On what course? These are the needed discussions.

I don’t know either, but I do know that, if we’re not deeply in prayer regarding them, then all of the social media hue and cry is so much flatus. I’ll define compromise as: “Being willing to ease the rudder, without yielding on the eventual course to steer.” Know the Way.


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