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In The Mailbox: 09.11.23

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

Firefighters search the rubble at Ground Zero, 9/11/01

EBL: Xi Jinping Answers To No One, Remember 9/11, and Biden marks 9/11 by giving Iranian Mullahs $6 Billion
Twitchy: Conservative Actor Michael Marsden Debunks “Michelle Obama Is A Man” Conspiracy Theory, Insane Florida Pre-K Teacher Brags She Teaches Students To Be Gay, and WaPoo Ranks The Seven State Flags That Have Ties To White Supremacy
Louder With Crowder: NM Gov suspends Second Amendment rights, causing… Steven Crowder to agree with David Hogg?, This can’t possibly be the WH excuse for Joe Biden being first POTUS to NOT go to NYC for the 9/11 memorial, and Wild Video Shows Cat Falling Off Rafters of Football Stadium, Gets SAVED by the American Flag
Vox Popoli: Adieu Divine Right, They Call it “Luck”, Excellence is in the Details, Manufactured, and Conservatardery
Draw  & Talk: The Failed Attack On Twitter From Baby Creator
Gab News: Patterns Of Evidence – The Moses Controversy

American Conservative: The Battle for T.J. Enters a New Phase, also, After the Towers Fell
American Greatness: The Frightened Left, The WEF and the Climate Cult, and Youngkin Pardons Loudoun County Father who was Arrested for Protesting at School Board Meeting
American Thinker: An Eyewitness on the Border, Ignoring History Means Choosing Windmills Over Whales, and Are You Better Off Today Than You Were Four Years Ago?
Animal Magnetism: Goodbye, Blue Monday
Babalu Blog: Russian Ministry of Truth attacks Cuban counterpart, denies human trafficking and recruiting Cuban mercenaries, As Cubans go hungry due to food shortages, Castro dictatorship announces gourmet food festival, Tourism to communist Cuba at its lowest point in 10 years, and We remember and honor 7 Cubans who perished on 9/11 at the World Trade Center
Baldilocks: Fear Itself, Yamasaki’s Towers, and Still Standing
BattleSwarm: Woman Goes To LAPD About Stolen Credit Card – One Of Them Stole It., Mangosuthu Buthelezi, RIP, and CEO Gets $379 Million For Money-Losing EV Company
Behind The Black: Two launches today, one by ULA and one by Red China, The actual truth behind the so-called “hidden figures” of the early space race, A galactic cloud, Ridge in Martian lowland plains, and Real pushback: Defiance from all sides to New Mexico’s unlawful suspension of the 2nd amendment
Cafe Hayek: Unseen and Unsightly Costs of the War on Drugs, also, Trump’s Trade War Was a Loser
CDR Salamander: Fading FY23 Midrats Free For All, That Day As I Saw It
Da Tech Guy: Else: AB 957 is Law in California, More disincentives for veterans to report mental health problems, No 20-mph default speed limit in Chicago: Stop the tyranny of the cyclists now, and Back Home Under the Fedora
Dana Loesch: Mind The GAP – Gaming & Politics,
Don Surber: America Doesn’t Need An Election – It Needs An Exorcism,
First Street Journal: New Mexico Governor Suspends Law Abiding Citizens From Carrying In Albuquerque, NY Times, Democrats Upset GOP Gets Optics Of Chicago Over-run By Illegals, and GOP Squishes Start Coming Out Of Woodwork Over Impeaching Biden
Gates Of Vienna: Sexual Crimes and Migrants, Koran: Read Chapter Nine, and New Ructions in Rosengård
The Geller Report: Japanese Doctors Denounce Covid Jabs, President Trump Gets Emotional Talking About the Deliberate Destruction of America, 9/11: ‘On this solemn anniversary of those monstrous attacks, we remember the 2,977 precious souls who were savagely taken from us’, and Biden Regime Hands $6,000,000,000 to Terror Sponsor Iran for Hostages in Deal Announced on 9/11
Glenn Reynolds: A Letter From Knoxville
Hogewash: Comet 73P/Schwassmann-Wachmann, Sonification: Sagittarius A*/Galactic Center, Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, and 22 Years Ago Today
Hollywood In Toto: Is Joe Rogan the New Johnny Carson?, Is Hollywood’s MeToo Movement Officially Done?, How Since August Disrupts the Hollywood System, and Branagh’s Haunting in Venice Offers a Spooky Good Time
The Lid: Covering Up The Saudis’ Mass Murder
Legal Insurrection: Appeals Court: Doctors Can Sue FDA for Condemning Ivermectin as a COVID-19 Treatment, Resulting Reputational Harm, Nancy Pelosi Announces Reelection Campaign, Declares Crime in SF an ‘Isolated Situation’, Paris Strips PA Chief Abbas of City’s Top Honor, Harvard Prof Says Students in the Military Keep Silent About Service to Avoid Backlash From Classmates, Ana Navarro and ‘The View’ Go Full NIMBY Over the Illegal Immigrant Crisis in New York City, North Dakota Man Gets 5 Years for Killing Teenager He Claimed was a ‘Republican Extremist’, and Energy Sec. Granholm’s EV Road Trip Includes a Family Calling the Police on Her Entourage
Nebraska Energy Observer: Saturday – just for you, Fourteenth Sunday After Trinity, and Hills To Die On
Outkick: Novak Djokovic Wins US Open In Ultimate Rebuke Of Vaccine Mandates That Barred Him, David Wells Still Brings Heat, Fires One By Cranky Keith Olbermann, Mike Tirico Responds To Angry Detroit Lions Fans Upset Over ‘Asterisk’ Gate, Donald Trump Spent The Day Partying At An Iowa State Frat House, Hero Alabama Fans Remind ESPN Viewers That ‘Fauci Lied’ With College GameDay Sign, Colorado Celebrating This Pathetic Stat Is Exactly Why Deion Sanders Was Hired, and ESPN Forced To Award Unvaccinated Novak Djokovic ‘Shot Of The Day’ Presented By Moderna Following US Open Victory
Power Line: Gov Abbott Reacts to Biden’s ‘Remain in Texas’ Proposal, A Huge Win For Free Speech, Wind Energy Will Never Be Affordable, and 9/11: A Memorial to FBI Failure
Protein Wisdom Reborn: Point Me In The Direction Of Albuquerque
Shark Tank: Donalds Believes Joe Biden Is Co-Conspirator In Violation Of FARA
Shot In The Dark: 22 Years, also, Retract
The Political Hat: Twenty-Two Years Ago Today – NEVER FORGET
This Ain’t Hell: Army falls short recruiting – again, Another election cycle, another politician accused of stolen valor, China targets U.S. Military and veterans for exploitation, The U.S. military to conduct exercises with the Armenian military, Overestimating Russian military strength, and September Eleventh- Perspectives from a Gold Star Mother
Transterrestrial Musings: 9/11, The “Why Not” Grand Jury, Misogyny, and AI and Leviathan
Victory Girls: Lawsuit Filed Against New Mexico Governor’s Gun Ban, also, September 11 – Two More Remains Finally Identified
Volokh Conspiracy: Federal Government Improperly “Coerced” and “Significantly Encouraged” Certain Speech Restrictions by Social Media Platforms, Challenge to N.M. Governor’s Ban on Public Gun Carry in Albuquerque and Surrounding County, and Free Speech, Social Media Firms, and the Fifth Circuit
Watts Up With That: The Climate ‘Emergency’ Is Coming for You, Biden Admin Hosted ‘Indigenous Knowledge’ Seminars That Warned Scientists About ‘Disrespecting’ Spirits, Offshore Wind Fail – The UK Government Must Make Cheap Renewables More Affordable, Wired and The Conversation are Wrong, the 2023 Burning Man Rainstorm Wasn’t Caused By Climate Change, and Yes, the “World’s Dumbest Energy Policy” Is in Fact Getting a Whole Lot Dumber
The Federalist: New York Times: Eric Adams Is A Democrat So It’s No Longer Hateful To Oppose Uncontrolled Mass Migration, Kamala Harris Won’t Say Which Abortion Limits She Supports Because Democrats Like Her Don’t Want Any, The Case Against Ken Paxton Is All Hat, No Cattle, California Lawmakers Vote To Remove Kids From Any Parents Who Don’t Support Castrating Them, Sen. Tom Cotton Grills Pentagon Over Using Nonsense Word ‘Themself’ On Military Award Citations, Biden Knows He Is Using Illegal Immigrants To Hurt His Enemies, and Georgia Grand Jury Report Exposes Fulton County Prosecutor As An Election-Integrity Denier 
Mark Steyn: For Love or Money – Corporate Raiders, the ’80s Boom and Other People’s Money, Star Dust, The Years We Wasted, and Live Around the Planet

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