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‘Palestinian Resistance’ = Beheading Babies

Posted on | October 10, 2023 | Comments Off on ‘Palestinian Resistance’ = Beheading Babies

Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) is a campus organization that has been accused of fostering anti-Semitism at American universities. And how do you suppose these undergraduate miscreants have reacted to the recent Hamas attacks on Israel? By issuing this statement on their Instagram account:

“Today, we witness a historic win for the Palestinian resistance: across land, air, and sea, our people have broken down the artificial barriers of the Zionist entity, taking with it the facade of an impenetrable settler colony and reminding each of us that total return and liberation to Palestine is near. Catching the enemy completely by surprise, the Palestinian resistance has captured over a dozen settlements surrounding Gaza along with many occupation soldiers and military vehicles. This is what it means to Free Palestine: not just slogans and rallies, but armed confrontation with the oppressors.”

The Daily Caller reports:

In an SJP toolkit, students are instructed to organize protests, sit-in demonstrations, and workshops and share “statements of solidarity” expressing support for “Palestine” following Hamas’ attacks on Israel. In a section dealing with “messaging and framing,” SJP tells students that “resistance is justified” and to “normalize the resistance,” calling it “morally and politically necessary.”
Students are instructed not to use the terms “war” or “conflict” but instead call the situation in Israel a “struggle for national liberation,” according to the toolkit. SJP also argues that “settlers” are not “civilians,” referencing the hundreds of Israelis massacred over the weekend by Hamas, and that all deaths are the fault of the “Zionist entity.”

Well, let’s discuss the details of this “struggle for national liberation,” shall we? Let’s talk about the “armed confrontation with the oppressors,” i.e., helpless women and children who just happened to be near the Gaza border when this “historic win for the Palestinian resistance” occurred.

If you poke around a bit, you’ll find Hamas sympathizers claiming that this is Israeli propaganda, that there is no “proof” of babies being beheaded, as if we must see photos or videos of such atrocities in order to believe they happened. Well, CBS News is reporting it, OK? Maybe you think it’s another Texas Air National Guard thing, I don’t know, but whether or not you believe Hamas beheaded babies, will you at least stipulate that they attacked unarmed civilians? Because, see, SJP wants you to believe that “armed confrontation with the oppressors” means killing any random Jews they happened to encounter.

What about all those young people at a music festival? Were they “oppressors”? Was gunning down these people the “armed confrontation” that SJP is celebrating? Another “win for the Palestinian resistance”?

Your “struggle for national liberation” is a license for mass murder, isn’t that what you’re saying? And you expect people to sympathize with your cause?

Oh, and Israel’s supposed to make a “proportionate” response?



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