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In The Mailbox: 10.25.23 (Afternoon Edition)

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley delenda est.

EBL: Biden Beach House Bought with ChiCom Bribes?
Twitchy: Young Woman Goes Viral For Bemoaning 9-5 Workday, Adam Schiff Stomps On Self-Awareness Rake While Rolling Out Accusation Against New Speaker, and Sen. John Kennedy’s Questions For Clueless Homeland Security Officials Met With Deafening Silence
Louder With Crowder: “Way to cheat, bro”, Video shows CVS employee pushed by one shoplifter too many, so he starts dropping bombs, and Gal Gadot claps back against Alyssa Milano-led anti-Israel open letter, teams with celebs to denounce Hamas
Vox Popoli: Sir, This is a Wendy’s, Another Mysterious Death, No Tears for Tehran or Tel Aviv, Vaxxed with Simian Virus, The NFL is Massaged, and The Official Story is Always Fake
Flappr: Torts Illustrated – Shaun Is A King

Adam Piggott: Manipulation
American Conservative: The Big Guy’s Cut
American Greatness: Oregon Suspends Basic Skills Graduation Requirement in the Name of Equity, also, The Hamas Slaughter Confirmed Everything I Have Believed
American Thinker: In the Mouth of Marxist Madness, also, Gun Control: The End Results
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily Klueless Krugman News
Babalu Blog: As Cuba’s fuel shortage worsens, public transportation ceases to exist in many towns and cities, Cuban mothers defy dictatorship, openly protest lack of food and water, Mexican government forcing citizens to be injected with expired and ineffective Cuban Covid vaccines, and Recruitment of Cuban mercenaries for Russia’s war against Ukraine has not stopped
BattleSwarm: Recommendations on Williamson and Travis County Bond Elections
Behind The Black: More Io images by Juno, enhanced by citizen scientists, Belarus joins China’s lunar base project, NASA issues update on repairs/fixes to Starliner, Lucy’s first asteroid fly-by coming on November 1st, Scientists: The solar cycle was only 8 years long during the Maunder Minimum in the 1600s, and At the moment our modern Nazi movement appears to be winning
Cafe Hayek: Ian Fillmore Is an Awestruck
CDR Salamander: Two Proxy Wars In The Old World & The Big Show In WESTPAC
Chicago Boyz: Quote of the Day
Da Tech Guy: The Right To Be An Ass With an Evil Opinion & Hate in Your Heart as Long as You Leave People Alone, also, Fixing the college mess
Don Surber: While we’re at it, let 10-year-olds drive
First Street Journal: Is justice in Philadelphia a matter of the color of your skin?, also ,Just because they like to behead babies is no reason to label Hamas terrorists!
Gates Of Vienna: Reality Bleeds to Death as the Ummah Celebrates, Hail Victory! Hamas Sexual Abuse of Israeli Women Follows Islamic Doctrine as Night Follows Day, Report From Sderot: Day 15, and Hamas is Winning, and Ragnarök?
The Geller Report: “Palestinian terrorists cut an eye out of the father’s face, cut the breasts off the mother, chopped off the son’s fingers, and chopped off the foot of the daughter”, also, UN Secretary General Defends Hamas Atrocities, Endorses Genocide, Blames Israel
Hogewash: Team Kimberlin Post of the Day, also,  A Disrupted Schedule
Hollywood In Toto: Celebs Tell Resting Biden Not to Rest During Hostage Crisis, also, The Blind Becomes Fathom Events’ Biggest Film to Date
The Lid: Why Are Federal Broadband Services Part Of Biden’s Environmental Justice Agenda?
Legal Insurrection: Red China Tightens Exports on Graphite, a Key Component of EV Batteries, Columbia U. Prof Calls Out Elite Schools for Harboring ‘Pro-Terror’ Student Groups on Campus, 1,700 Sociology Professors Sign Letter Accusing Israel of ‘Genocide’, Nothing To See Here: Democrats Shocked To Learn Their Own “Hate” Cancel Culture Rules Now Apply To Them, Skokie, IL: ‘Pro-Palestine’ Protesters Attack Solidarity With Israel Rally, and Study Finds Large Percentage of Campus Radicals Go on to Work in Education
Nebraska Energy Observer: Explains
Outkick: Bud Light Overpays For UFC Partnership In Attempt To Win Back Conservatives, NBA Being Investigated For Trying To Sabotage Ice Cube’s Big3 League, Megan Rapinoe, Whose Fiancée Is Israeli, Raises Money For Gaza After Hamas Terrorist Attack, Say Hello To Texas State Soccer Player Bailey Peschel, Kirk Cousins Credits Creed For Monday Night Performance As Band Continues To Have Weird Effect On Sports, Deion Sanders Couldn’t Care Less About Sign-Stealing, and Expect The NBA Media’s Anti-White Crusade Against Jokic To Continue
Power Line: Jenna Ellis Pleads Guilty, Works and days of Hamas, and What manner of moron is this?
Protein Wisdom Reborn: Never Again, again
Shark Tank: The Unintended Consequences Of The U.S. Sanctions Against Venezuela
Shot In The Dark: America’s Hitler Youth, also, #HimToo
The Political Hat: The Latest Pride Parade Must Have: Condoms For Kids
This Ain’t Hell: Army veteran tried to sell US secrets to Russia, also, Killing babies and castrating children are cornerstones of national defense
Victory Girls: Obama Issues Arrogant “Both Sides” Lecture On Israel And Hamas
Volokh Conspiracy: Administration fails forward on China chip exports
Watts Up With That: Former EU Parliament Member Nigel Farage got de-banked due to his skeptical ‘stance on climate change…not aligning with’ NatWest bank’s ‘objectives’, Aussie Energy & Climate Minister: Don’t Expect 3.4GW of New Renewables to Provide Grid Stability, and China Restricts Exports of Graphite, Key Mineral Used for Making EV Batteries
The Federalist: The Massive Bipartisan Google Antitrust Suit Is A Fight For The Future Of The Internet, Trump Attorneys Argue ‘Vindictive’ Special Counsel Indictment Criminalizes Speech, Pope Francis’ Call For ‘Peace’ Between Israel And Hamas Is Really A Call For Injustice, Joe Scarborough Hates Authoritarian Behavior Except When It’s From Biden Or Zelensky, House Republicans Dig Deeper Into Deb Haaland’s Relationship With Pueblo Action Alliance, After Years Of High Crime And Homicides, D.C. Democrats Finally Discover The Police Aren’t The Problem, and Biden’s Global Chaos Vindicates The Strong Foreign Policy Of His Top Rival
Mark Steyn: The Melancholy Long Withdrawing…Silence

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