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In The Mailbox: 11.10.23

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— compiled by Wombat-socho

Silicon Valley et Hamas delenda est.

357 Magnum: The Tidal Wave Of Anti-Jewish Hatred Is Getting Worse
EBL: Sadie Hawkins Day
Twitchy: CNN Claims Jack-o-Lanterns Major Cause Of Climate Change, FBI Seizes NYC Mayor Adams’ Phones, and “That’s A Moose”
Louder With Crowder: Author comes out as a trans man after his wife came out as a trans woman… and then things get confusing, Meghan Markle, Prince Harry in panic mode over “Family Guy” mockery, and Hilarious if true: Disney is reportedly extra “butthurt” over South Park mocking how much they suck
Vox Popoli: Do They Want Right-Wing Death Squads?
Draw & Talk Comics: Exclusive Print for Bullet Assassin Backers!
Gab News: Abortion Is The Sacrament Of Trashworld

Adam Piggott: Waiting for the Snow
American Conservative: EXCLUSIVE: NatCon Is Having an American Moment
American Greatness: Report: Six Rashida Tlaib Fundraisers Connected to Terrorism
American Thinker: MAGA Is the New Sons and Daughters of Liberty, also, Michelle Obama: The Black Face of White Flight
Animal Magnetism: Animal’s Daily It Happens Here Too News
Babalu Blog: 1989: The Berlin Wall comes down, Reports from Cuba: Egg subsidies leads to bankruptcy of Ciego de Avila poultry companies, and Cubans urge Norah Jones to reconsider her 4 days of ‘music and adventure’ in Cuba
BattleSwarm: Conservatives Oust SJW Board In Cy-Fair
Behind The Black: Federal judge throws out Justice’s discrimination lawsuit against SpaceX, Rocket Lab schedules next launch, plans 22 launches in 2024, Next X-37B launch now scheduled for early December on SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy, The strange craters in the high northern latitudes of Mars, Red China’s Long March 3B rocket launches communications satellite, and Intellectual dishonesty caused the experts to misread the Gaza military situation
Cafe Hayek: The Goals of Industrial Policy Are Indeed Too Much to Ask
CDR Salamander: Diversity Thursday
Da Tech Guy: The Biden Regime’s Digital Discrimination Rule will devastate the internet
Don Surber: An election not worth analyzing
First Street Journal: Rashida Tlaib and the rest of the Usual Suspects prove the need for a strong, independent, affirmatively Jewish Israel!
Gates Of Vienna: Germany Wants the Wretched Refuse Thrown Out by Pakistan, International Law or Sordid Double Standards, and As If They Had Nothing Better to Do
The Geller Report: Muslim Jew-hating Professor Loay Alnaji Identified as the Killer Who Beat Old Jewish Man To Death, Massive FBI Manhunt is Underway in New Jersey for…a January 6th Protestor, Asylum Officer Nejwa Ali at DHS: “F*** Israel and any Jew Who Supports Israel.”, and Multiple Shootings at Jewish School Buildings in Montreal
Hogewash: Panning Across M83 with NIRCam, also, Team Kimberlin Post of the Day
Hollywood In Toto: Hail Mary Sue! Marvels Trailer Features Male Avengers to Save Female-Led Film, Black Walrus Children’s Author – No Agenda, Just Good, Clean Fun, The Marvels Lives Down to the Bad Buzz, and DISASTER: The Marvels Tracking as Low as $35 Million
The Lid: Kristallnacht-The Night The Holocaust Began
Legal Insurrection: Nothing To See Here: Democrats, Media Think The Real Problem With Hamas Invasion of Israel Is…Wait For It…Americans’ Islamophobia, ‘California’ Congressman Adam Schiff Has Full-Time Home In Maryland, Captured Hamas Terrorists Admit Hoarding Weapons and Explosives in Gaza’s Shifa Hospital, Other Medical Facilities, Why Can’t They Just Leave The Jewish Hostage Posters Alone? Climate “Experts” Predicting Big Freeze this Winter, Thanks to El Niño, ‘Pro-Palestine’ Protesters Attack Israel Supporters Outside L.A.’s Museum of Tolerance After Viewing of Hamas Oct. 7 Footage, and Students for Justice in Palestine Chapter at Rutgers Accuses School of Racism and Repression
Nebraska Energy Observer: The Conversation
Outkick: Dawn Staley Believes Only White Referees Deserve Criticism, As Her Racial Bias Continues To Show After NCAA Tournament Review, USC May Be Targeting Texas Coach For Defensive Coordinator, Ex-NFL OL Michael Oher Received $138K For ‘Blind Side’ Movie, Contrary To Shocking Allegations Against Tuohy Family, Carli Lloyd Confirms USWNT Lost To ‘Bigger, Stronger, Faster’ Team Of U15 Boys, The A’s Have A New Design For Their Vegas Stadium Already, Trevor Bauer Inches Closer To Comeback After Agents Reportedly Meet With MLB Teams, and Instagram Star Veronika Rajek Says She’s Saving Lives With Her Boobs
Power Line: Rampant Anti-Semitism, RNC Upgrades Debate Moderators, and Extra thoughts from the ammo line
Shark Tank: Rick Scott Moves To Prevent Digital Transactions From Chinese Central Bank
Shot In The Dark: Open Letter To A Generation (Maybe Two), also, Muslims – Shut Up Or Get Cut Up
The Political Hat: Quick Takes – In Service To Gaia: Science, Schools; Milwaukee County
This Ain’t Hell: CAS? What’s that? Three More Accounted For, Army veteran allegedly threatened to kill soldiers in California, Thank Me For My Service, Russia withdraws from a nuclear pact, China rapidly expanding nuclear arsenal, both invited to sensitive U.S. nuclear site, and Good news story from Illinois
Transterrestrial Musings:  Bearing Witness, also, Die, DEI
Victory Girls: Minnesota Court: Trump Stays On Ballot, Insurrection Clause Doesn’t Apply, also, Three Inch Heels Politics
Volokh Conspiracy: May Judges Consider Law Clerks’ Political Speech in Hiring or Firing Decisions?
Watts Up With That: CFACT Blasts Fed’s “Floating Wind” Fantasy, also, ‘Demographic Warming’: Humans Increasingly Choose to Live Where It’s Warmer
The Federalist: Why RFK Jr.’s Censorship Case Could Matter More For Free Speech Than Missouri v. Biden, Italy Offered Free Care To Disabled Baby Indi, But Britain’s Socialized NHS Is Refusing To Let Her Live, 4 Huge Issues The Pentagon Should Tackle Instead Of Financing Service Member Abortions, Washington Post’s Ruth Marcus Finally Discovers (Too Late) The Problem With Political Prosecutions, Listen To Hillary Clinton Spell Out Exactly What Democrats Are Doing To Destroy The Republic, Far-Left Feminist News Site Jezebel Shut Down, and The Heritage Foundation’s Military Vets ‘Stand United’ Behind Tuberville’s Pentagon Abortion Protest
Mark Steyn: Poppies for… Palestine?

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