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Secret Service Agents Open Fire on D.C. ‘Youth’ Breaking Into Their Car

Posted on | November 14, 2023 | Comments Off on Secret Service Agents Open Fire on D.C. ‘Youth’ Breaking Into Their Car

Washington Free Beacon nails it here:

The national mainstream media pounced, finally noticing the crime wave wreaking havoc on the vast majority of D.C. residents who aren’t related to the president of the United States and don’t have Secret Service protection. . . .
There have been 863 carjacking incidents in Washington, D.C., this year. That’s a 106 percent increase compared with last year and a 600 percent increase compared with 2019. Nearly three in four carjacking incidents in 2023 involved a firearm, and the majority of individuals arrested were juveniles.

Of course, no one is permitted to mention the ethnicity of these juvenile car thieves. Let’s just say they’re not Amish. When the media try to explain this crime wave, they generally try to blame it on the COVID-19 pandemic. OK, it’s possible there’s also been a 600 percent increase in carjacking in Pennsylvania Dutch country since 2019, but I rather doubt it. The real explanation isn’t the COVID-19 virus or the lockdowns in reaction to the pandemic. No, the real explanation is the anti-law-enforcement crusade by Democrats in the wake of the race riots caused by the death of Saint George of the Blessed Fentanyl.

Democrat-run cities and states have acted upon the belief that it’s racist — “RAAAAACIST!” — to put criminals in prison, if the criminals happen to be black. And anyone who has actually paid attention to crime rates (and who isn’t afflicted with “social justice” delusions) knows that the Democrats’ turn-’em-loose policy is a formula for mayhem.

Democrats make excuses for criminals, minimizing the harm done by these “urban youth.” Democrats say car theft is just a “property crime,” as if having your car stolen was a minor inconvenience. Then Democrats will say, “Oh, they have insurance,” but insurance costs money and when you have a 600% increase in carjacking — SIX HUNDRED PERCENT! — what do you think happens to car insurance rates? The increased cost of insurance is, in effect, a crime tax imposed by Democrats.

What are the secondary and tertiary consequences of Democrats enabling criminality? Isn’t it likely that more people will simply avoid cities? Won’t this in turn cause economic harm to the residents of cities? But thinking in terms of long-term consequences isn’t something Democrats do. It’s much easier for them to point fingers at Republicans and yell nonsense about “systemic racism,” as if somehow those evil white people in the suburbs were forcing black teenagers to steal cars.

By the way, why do you think those Secret Service agents decided to shoot at these thieves who were “breaking a window on a parked and unoccupied government vehicle”? Isn’t it likely that the intent of the thieves was to steal what was inside the vehicle, rather than stealing the vehicle itself? And what do you think Secret Service agents might have kept locked up in their vehicle? Oh, yes — GUNS!

How do you think criminals get guns, anyway? There are laws against selling guns to convicted felons, and this creates an incentive for criminals to steal guns. A lot of people (not just Secret Service agents) keep a gun in their car, and criminals know that if they break into enough cars, they’ll find some guns to steal, not to mention whatever other valuables they might obtain by their crimes. God only knows what kind of weapons the Secret Service may have had in that “unoccupied government vehicle,” but I’m glad the smash-and-grab got foiled. Just too bad the Secret Service agents didn’t aim well enough to send them to an early grave. Death is the most effective form of crime prevention.



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