The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

The Republican Clown Car Campaign

Susannah Fleetwood has a long critique of the 2012 campaign today at Right Wing News that makes an important point early: Mitt Romney out-performed eleven out fifteen of the Republican Senatorial candidates, and the four that he didn’t out-perform were from very blue states that Republicans never win. . . . In other words, if […]

The Execrable Bill Maher

Noel Sheppard asks, “Exactly how does HBO put up with this week after week after week?” “The other good news is the Republicans are taking the loss well. Who am I kidding? Are you serious? No. It’s like half the nation just found out that their wife is f–king a black guy. That’s what really […]

Bizarre Statistical Improbabilities

What are the odds that two players in the same hand of Texas Hold ‘Em will both have outstanding hands — four of a kind or a straight flush? The odds against this are high enough that casinos offer so-called “Bad Beat” jackpots to be paid out in such rare instances. If there were such […]

ORCA: Romney’s Killer Fail

Back home this evening after a 12-day road trip to Ohio, I’m perusing accounts of how the Romney campaign recruited 37,00 volunteers to participate in its ORCA project to monitor Election Day turnout, a project that turned out to be a spectacular failure of epic proportions. The name that keeps coming up in these accounts […]

Deer: They’re Also Racist

This is the front end of Ali Akbar’s Hyundai Sonata: Is this my fault? It was my idea to go to Ohio, and Ali offered to drive, despite the known fact that deer hate me. Somehow, I blame myself. It’s like living through a weird Twilight Zone episode, scripted by a grim Calvinist. Strange and […]

“We’ll Fight Again Tomorrow”

— by Wombat-socho The post title, of course, is from Michelle Malkin’s morning after column, which was a bright torch amid the gloom of Obama’s victory. Indeed, conservatives must stand tall, resist the siren songs of “moderation” and “compromise” and continue to present America with a choice, not an echo. We must take note of […]

On the Encroaching Gloom: ‘We Are Permanently and Irretrievably Screwed’

GAHANNA, Ohio Sitting here sorting through the debris of last night’s utter catastrophe, I saw an e-mail from a friend in Colorado, who wrote to say that he shared my dark mood. So I sent him a brief reply: Yeah. The full implementation of ObamaCare — how can we possibly recover from that? And it […]

Blame Bush, You Fools

GAHANNA, Ohio Just now waking up to the post-American era. A longtime reader e-mailed me this data from the Ohio exit polls: An outright majority of Ohio voters (51%-40% margin) consider Bush “more to blame for current economic problems” than the man who has been president for the past four years. And among the Bush-blamers, […]

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