The Other McCain

"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler

The Lewinsky Scandal and Media Bias

My American Spectator colleague Melissa Mackenzie provides a walk down memory lane exposing the media’s partisan double standard: For a damaging story about a Democrat to be true, DNA must be found on a blue dress. There must be Blue Dress Proof™. It’s not enough to have a witness and a victim. It’s not enough […]

Why Did the Media Suddenly Decide the Hunter Biden Scandal Is Newsworthy?

Blazing Cat Fur: On Wednesday, Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, admitted learning “that the US attorney’s office in Delaware had advised” his legal counsel that they were investigating his tax affairs. Yet, this was known long before last month’s presidential election, said Fox News host Tucker Carlson, opening the latest edition of “Tucker Carlson Tonight”, and adding […]

Hunter Biden, ‘Allegedly’

My apologies for not providing regular updates on the Hunter Biden scandal which is, in fact, the Joe Biden scandal. That is to say, nobody would really care what was found on Hunter’s laptop computer, were it not for the fact that the son was getting lucrative foreign deals based on his father’s position as […]

CNN Chief Legal Analyst Masturbates During Video Chat With Colleagues

  Harvard Law alumnus Jeffrey Toobin: The New Yorker has suspended reporter Jeffrey Toobin for masturbating on a Zoom video chat between members of the New Yorker and WNYC radio last week. Toobin says he did not realize his video was on. “I made an embarrassingly stupid mistake, believing I was off-camera. I apologize to […]

Big Tech Desperate to Suppress Bombshell News in Hunter Biden Ukraine Scandal

  Wednesday morning, the New York Post broke a huge exclusive: Emails between Hunter Biden and Vadym Pozharskyi, a top executive at Ukrainian energy company Burisma, in which Pozharskyi thanks Hunter for arranging a 2015 meeting with then-Vice President Joe Biden. How the Post obtained these emails is an interesting story, but liberals rushed to […]

No Lower Form of Human Scum Exists: @TheRickWilson Engaged in Blackmail?

  Whenever some “alt-right” type accuses Republicans of being “controlled opposition,” my instinct is to dismiss this as paranoia. But then I remember that, for years, Rick Wilson claimed to be a Republican and now insists, along with the rest of the #NeverTrump crowd, that his unlimited support for Democrats is testimony to his “principles.” […]

1993 Video Emerges Supporting Sexual Misconduct Accusation Against Joe Biden

  The hashtag #DropOutBiden began trending on Twitter this morning in the wake of yesterday’s exclusive report by Ryan Grim at The Intercept: A new piece of evidence has emerged buttressing the credibility of Tara Reade’s claim that she told her mother about allegations of sexual harassment and assault related to her former boss, then-Sen. […]

The Biden Legacy

  When he wasn’t working tirelessly for the Ukrainian natural gas industry, Joe Biden’s son kept busy with cocaine and strippers: Hunter Biden, the son of presidential candidate Joe Biden, is the “biological and legal father” of a child he fathered with an ex-stripper, an Arkansas judge ruled Tuesday, contradicting the younger Biden’s previous denials […]

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