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Occupy Mob Riots in L.A.

Posted on | July 14, 2012 | 16 Comments

A crowd of Occupy protesters disrupted an “Art Walk” event Thursday night in downtown Los Angeles, throwing rocks and bottles at police.

According to Fire Andrea Mitchell, 17 people were arrested and four police officers were injured. The Occupiers are, predictably, whining about “police brutality,” but I’m sure a lot of people in Los Angeles think the cops weren’t nearly brutal enough.

Tasers, pepper spray, CS gas, billy clubs, rubber bulllets — c’mon, LAPD, why are you pussy-footing around with these protest punks?

Time to break out the riot guns, I say. Bring in SWAT units with M5s and armored cars, maybe call in the Air National Guard to drop some napalm on these subversive Commie scumbags. If they want to whine about “police brutality,” give ’em something to whine about!


  • Dave C

    Move On had a protest here in Chester VA..

    no one showed up.  

  • Bob Belvedere

    Nail their heads to the floor!

  • JeffS

    I still prefer mini-guns.  Or Vickers.

  • Ben Franklin

    I believe I saw somewhere that over 7000 OWS “protestors” had been arrested in various incidents across the country.  Whereas I have never heard of a Tea Partier even getting a ticket at one of their events.  Yet who gets all of the bad press?

    Someone really needs to track the arrest statistics.

  • Doorichard

    OWS, fully supported by the minority athletic supporter Nancy.
    A dick and a coupla nut balls.

  • ThePaganTemple

    These aren’t people with a legitimate list of grievances for which they’re trying to achieve redress. These are in some cases armed insurrectionists and should be treated as such, with guns loaded with real bullets.

  • robertstacymccain

    I still prefer mini-guns.

    But napalm is much more colorful, Jeff. It would make far better TV footage: A gigantic yellow-orange wall of flame, the dazed survivors charred beyond recognition running for their lives screaming in pain — and then, of course, being cut down by minigun fire.

    Repeat that at a couple of the Occupy encampments, and the rest of the hippie scum will pack up and go home in a hurry.

  • W. J.J. Hoge

    Soap and water. And perhaps some bleach afterward.

  • ThePaganTemple

     Even better, equal parts bleach and ammonia.

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  • JeffS

     ….and then, of course, being cut down by minigun fire.

    Of course.

  • M. Thompson

     No, then we’d have to worry about giant Hedgehogs following people home.

    But still, the worst part of the  left is how they keep re-inventing the wheel.

  • M. Simon

    Well yeah. Except what if they repurpose that eqpt. on  you?

    Ah. They already have. My condolences.

    The police – they are not just for dopers anymore.

  • Alan Kellogg

    A .223 to the head of the right targets would made a big change in the situation

  • Alan Kellogg

    Repeat! Curse you, Internet Explorer.