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"One should either write ruthlessly what one believes to be the truth, or else shut up." — Arthur Koestler


Posted on | November 6, 2012 | 115 Comments

UPDATE 10:35 p.m. ET: It’s over, folks: Obama wins Wisconsin, which invalidates any remaining alternative path to 27o for Mitt Romney. Florida looks very much like a loss for Romney, who will hang on to North Carolina and, maybe, Virginia, but that’s not enough if Florida is gone.

The last time I looked at Ohio results, Romney was trailing by 60,000 votes and actually under-performing in the bellwether, Butler County. But the apparent loss in Ohio is moot, without Florida. Also, Iowa and Colorado look kinda iffy. So it is time to think about what this means — The Final Wisdom, the gestalt of the zeitgeist, which I must write for the American Spectator.

Please forgive me for having encouraged anyone to believe that there was still hope to save America. We’re obviously doomed beyond all hope of redemption.

UPDATE 10:50 p.m. ET:The dark gloom of stygian night might be mildly lightened if you were to hit the tip jar.

* * PREVIOUSLY 7 p.m. * *

It’s 7 p.m. ET and polls just closed in the key battleground state of Virginia. It is also now 30 minutes until polls close here in the key battleground of Ohio.

The Other McCain Decision Desk™ 2012 is watching results closely, preparing to be first to declare officially that Mitt Romney has won.

UPDATE 7:15 p.m. ET: We can declare Romney the winner in Kentucky, Georgia and South Carolina, while Obama has won the Peoples Democratic Republic of Vermont.

UPDATE 7:25 p.m. ET: CNN just called Indiana for Romney, but still considers Georgia and South Carolina “too close to call.”

The word for this is not “journalism,” but hallucinations.

UPDATE 7:33 p.m. ET: CNN just called West Virginia for Romney, but South Carolina and Georgia “too close to call”? And they’re also reporting exit polls as if they were talking about actual results.

UPDATE 7:45 p.m. ET: Finally, Wolf Blitzer decides that South Carolina can be safely called for Mitt Romney, as if there were ever any doubt at all.

Linked by The Lonely Conservative — thanks!

UPDATE 7:50 p.m. ET: Decision Desk™ 2012 is going to the store to buy a couple of packs of cigarettes. John King is on CNN babbling Democrat propaganda like the dishonest stooge he is. Polls haven’t even closed yet in the Panhandle of Florida, and King is giving a spin on the results that would make David Plouffe proud.

UPDATE 8:36 p.m. ET: Maryland, Illinois, Maine, Massaschusetts and Connecticut for Obama, Mississippi, Tennessee and Arkansas for Romney. Still going over the map. Virginia and Florida currently appear too close to call. I’m looking hard at North Carolina.

UPDATE 9:30 p.m. ET: Still crunching numbers here. If Mitt wins Florida, it will be by a very narrow margin, and Virginia is giving me the sweats. Loudoun County now at Obama 51% to Romney 48%, which aren’t the kind of numbers that reassure me.

The Decision Desk™ just got himself a cold Yuengling.

UPDATE 9:45 p.m. ET: Obama wins both Pennsylvania and New Hampshire. Romney maintains leads in North Carolina and Virginia. Florida remains neck-and-neck.

UPDATE 10:05 p.m. ET: You’ll excuse my failure to report numbers from Ohio, but if Romney can’t win Florida, Ohio is moot and the numbers aren’t looking too encouraging in Florida right now.

UPDATE 10:25 p.m. ET: Obama wins Wisconisn.




  • JeffS

    Bleah, Obama will be reaching 270 any time now, by the projections. Fox is calling it for Obama.

    I’ll despair in the morning, thankyouverymuch. For now, I need to think.

  • Teresamerica

    This SUCKS bigtime! I live in Pa and am looking for a job after dealing with health issues. My job prospects just took a major pitfall.

  • Teresamerica

    Zilla, Obama has just been re-elected. WTH?!? There are so many ignorant citizens who just voted against America and all she stands for. It ticks me off to no end how clueless people are.

  • Garym

    This makes no fucking sense at all. America voted for Obummercare as if 2010 never happened. I’m calling Bullshit!!

  • AngelaTC

    Nate Silver was 50 for 50.

  • steveb

    We have a moral imperative, a moral duty to defend our country, from within, and without. America is at war, whether we realize it, or acknowledge it, with a political party. We are at war. Much less was done for our forefathers to declare their independence, their right to declare war on their tyrannical oppressors, who sought to live as free men. So, our declaration of war means we will do everything possible to stop the destruction of our country. It means we will expose the blatant corruption, and attack the vile, sack sucking media for the evil they have wrought. It means we will be in the streets, shouting from the rooftops as we declare independence from this evil regime. It means we will stage boycotts against a lousy media that deserve to be hung for treason. It means you will see us, and you will feel us- it means we will use all means necessary to bring this country back to a state of freedom.

  • Aaron1960

    You wonder if G-d does love us.

  • Adjoran

    He is a just God, which is the really scary part.

  • Adjoran

    Unfortunately, every state which passed such a law put them into effect ONLY after enough other states to reach 270 have passed similar laws.

  • bill in falls church

    Slapped a 50 up there, have a couple of pops, and thanks for the good work, boys!

  • ReaganiteRepublican

    Thank you, the many legions of idiot voters who tonight flushed freedom down the toilet while opening-up the door to four more years of American fiscal and strategic collapse- this country will never be the same again (that is, if it survives in one piece).

    But the most intolerant, power-mad, and radical administration in US history is about to get a WHOLE lot worse… now history will prove us who warned of the real Obama to be correct, but at this kind of cost, who even wants to be right?

    Time to go Gault? Something like that-

  • Zilla of the Resistance

    Remember when they called it early for AlGore in 2000? I do. Ohio hasn’t been fully counted yet. Screw the media. And even if it IS over, we have work to do cleaning house in our own party (I suggest we start with BooHoo Boehner the surrender monkey), and getting on the asses of every sitting republican and moderate dem to make Bathhouse Barry answer for fast and durious, Fory Hood (it was JIHAd and an act of war, not “workplace violence”, Benghazi, setting terrorists who killed Americans free on 12/31/09, illegal war in Libya, and oh so much more. If Mitt stupidly conceded then let the impeachment of Bathhouse Barry begin! I don’t do defeatism, come what may, we WILL get through this, it will stink, but we are stronger than a bad president, leftist loons, and a bunch of limpdick Republicans. However, I AM going to have to write about non-political stuff somewhere if I want to be able to keep my lights on (deadline for shut off is tomorrow) and  buy food since righty writing doesn’t pay well at all (lefty writing pays incredibly well, I looked, but I cannot do that, so look for me writing about cats, dogs, kids, the weather, and anything freaking else I can think of that magazines and content farms offer money to get stuff written about in the coming months – unless people buy some ad space on my sites and hit my freakin tip jar! However, as I am a few hundred bucks short of keeping my shit on due to the huge medical expenses I had thanks to almost dying recently, and then the cost of things to get through the darkness we sat in thanks to Sandy, and the local friggin price gouging, my plans may all be a moot point anyway. One way or another though, I do plan to survive and I plan on seeing my country survive.

  • bill in falls church

    jah mon, that follows

  • Bozzy Fiznorkiler

    Hey Stacey, I’m an occasional lurker here, first time commenter. I just
    want to let you know that you and your readers are horrible, awful people and should probably take some time to do some soul searching and maybe give up on politics for a while. Because you failed. Every day of the past four years your party has actively tried to hurt America so that you could win tonight. And you failed. No one likes you. All of you.

  • Quartermaster

    The outcome is about what I expected. Mittens was simply not different enough from Obama. As a result, the down ticket races in the Senate pretty much went by the boards as well.

    I refused to over estimate the intelligence of the electorate and have been proven right, alas. The United States is finished. All that remains is to see how things actually break down. I predict the country will break up. I just hope we can get the troops that are overseas back in country. Some may well end up being stranded.

    Zer0 now has the flexibility he told Putin about.

    Next time, GOP establishment, nominate some one with some principles and that has stood for something in the past. Either that, or the GOP will die a very well deserved death.

    I can now truthfully say that I am ashamed of my country.

  • Finrod Felagund

    Next: kicking the Benghazi investigation into high gear. Maybe we’ll impeach the SCOAMF before his second term even begins.

  • Bozzy Fiz

    deleting my comments, really? You people are no fun!

  • sheryl

    Well, I hope at the very least we can now see the last of Karl Rove and his whiteboard.

  • JeffS

    Just hit the tip jar, Stacy. You’ve done an excellent job, all around. It’s not your fault that the majority of Americans have been educated into idiocy.

    Drive safely home to your family.

  • Quartermaster

    Zer0, on the other hand, was actually in a place where could hurt America and did so with great zest. Your grandkids, if you actually have any kids, will curse your memory because you could have prevented what Zer0 will do over the next 4 years and your shirked your duty out of sheer stupidity and selfishness.

  • Bozzy Fiz

    Yeah, but keep in mind, Mitt Romney ran a really awful, dishonest campaign. Pretty much all of America was “calling Bullshit!!” everytime they heard from that guy. Also, as I mentioned earlier, most republicans are really, really awful people. You’re just not going to start winning national elections until you get your shit together. Sucks to be you? Yeah.

  • Bozzy Fiz

    Unfortunately, fuck off. You assholes put W. in office with a popular vote loss *AND* a stolen electoral vote majority. Seriously, go die.

  • Boz Fiz

    what does that even mean? If anything, a second Obama term is preventing the massive deficits and debt increase that was *guaranteed* by Romney’s 59 point plan.

  • Adjoran

    Seriously – you think Santorum or Gingrich would have fared better?

  • Adjoran

    Go cash in your EBT card and buy a 40, parasite.

  • Bozzy McEBTCardington

    hahah yeah. I drink mostly 22 ounce IPA these days. Haven’t had a 40oz since high school and I’ve never had an EBT card. Parasite? Hardly. But being a troll is fun, if only for one night. I’ll leave you alone starting tomorrow. Seriously, admit you fuckers have been total assholes for the past four years and let me enjoy this! Also you are gay.

  • Garym

    Fuck Off commie scum!!

  • Quartyermaster

    Seriously, does it matter? Your boy lost Adjoran. The man you’d been shilling for lost. A man with no real guiding principles lost against a man with literally no qualification for anything. He lost.Period.

    The GOP nominated another Dole. Another McCain. A RINO who blazed the trail for Obamacare by signing something people like you said was different from what he proposed. I voted for the man because there was literally nothing else to vote for. A lot of us simply refused because they knew that Mittens was an empty suit too. The chance we had with Mittens was quite small, and I doubt he would have accomplished anything because he has no real guiding principles, but there was a very small chance.

    I’m sure the GOP establishment will now blame conservatives again for the loss. But, those idiots need to look in the mirror if they want to see the real cause of the disaster. You need to take a hard look yourself.

  • Quartermaster

    Much of the country will be joining you in your plight. The SE part of PA just cut the entire state’s throat.

  • Quartermaster

    It means this: We already know the path the Bummer is on, and you have helped to enable him to continue on a path that is not sustainable. If you think the Bummer will be able to stop overspending by spending more, then you are welcome to your delusions.

    Your grandkids will curse your memory. A second term for the Bummer will not prevent anything you think it will. It will make our bad situation far worse than it is now.

  • Quartermaster

    If acting like a spoiled child is fun, then enjoy. In about 2 years you will look back on this night and and recall your idiotic delusions.

    You may not be queer, but you certainly are an ignoramus.

  • Quartermaster

    Yes, God loves us. But, he hates the sin of the country, and the country has turned its back on God. God’s justice will sleep forever, and it looks like his judgment on this country is on the very near horizon.

  • Quartermaster

    Ignorant morons like you may have been calling BS, but that’s about it. Most of teh country didn’t have enough on the ball to be able to if it was or wasn’t. You sure as dickens don’t.

    Oh, and you are a parasite. Whether or not you get any FedGov handouts (and I’d bet a dollar to a donut you do) you do enable many parasites. Obummer is the biggest parasite we have.

  • Quartermaster

    Even Time magazine admitted that Bush actually won the Florida vote. You are simply showing how pathetically ignorant you are.

  • Adjoran

    Yeah, if only we had nominated Reagan . . . you can’t replace something with nothing.

  • Bozzy McQuartermaster

    well, honestly one of the companies I work for is a major defense and space contractor. So yeah, I suck pretty hard on the government teat. You win this round. Take my dollars and give me those delicious donuts!

  • Bozzy McCommieScum

    yeah, fun!

  • Your Reckoning

    So Nate Silver was right and Robert Stacy McCain was wrong? What do we call that? The triumph of reason over partisan idiocy?

  • Bozzy McTrollington

    yeah I get the feeling your comments won’t be welcome here.

  • Bozzy McGettingboredhere

    seriously, what overspending?

  • THE BOZ!

    no. that’s not getting traction beyond the Fox news crowd. Nice try though.

  • THE BOZ!

    Go Galt dude. You are not very smart and no one will miss you!

  • THE BOZ!

    I don’t know, I don’t read TIME. The point about the popular vote remains though, right?

  • Your Reckoning

    So here are two mistakes Republicans made:

    (1) They assumed that the turnout in a presidential election would be similar to the turnout in midterm election.

    (2) They ignored the observed phenomenon of former Republican voters calling themselves independents, which skewed independents toward Romney and probably had a lot to do with the supposed oversampling of Democrats in polls.

    Maybe I should add a third:

    (3) They treated anyone who pointed out (1) or (2) like an evil commie.

  • Bozzy McGoodNightPeople.

    it is fun. Honestly, I’ve never done this troll routine before, and it fees good. But I get the feeling you’re all OK people, and I’ll probably feel bad when I sober up tomorrow.

    Can I be serious for a moment? Smart conservatives know that another four years of Obama will be no better or worse for them than four years of Romney. You’ll be fine. You may lose some Bush tax cuts, but those are unsustainable anyway.

    For liberals, there was a bit more anxiety: We’re concerned about access to healthcare, so much so that we settled for unsatisfying REPUBLICAN health care reform. We’re concerned about the supreme court, war with Iran, reproductive freedom, global warming (which is real goddammit), and creeping theocracy. Tonight, there’s a little less anxiety about those things. So, we’re feeling good, and we’re going to gloat. Because fuck you, let’s be honest, Republican obstruction over the last four years was incredibly over the top. And you lost anyway. So was it worth it? I hope you take some time to think about what the party has become and what you’ve accomplished. Because it’s not pretty.

  • MrPaulRevere

    And you know what you can go and do. The acronym is : WDYGAFY

  • sweet dale

    Grow up and get a grip steveb. This is just fucking embarrassing.

  • Quartermaster

    You tried that Adjoran. How’s that working out for you? Like I said, you need to take a very hard look at yourself.
    You and the rest of the GOP Establishment lost this one guy. Twist and turn. Try to dodge it all you like. Your unprincipled, mushy, libtard MassGov lost because he was not different enough from Obama to really matter. He even under-performed McNasty.

  • Quartermaster

    In other words, based on your list, lawlessness is just peachy for you. What a Child! GOP obstructionism? ROFL! The Dimocrats owned Congress and didn’t even pass a budget. they didn’t even bring up the budget the house passed in the senate. You need to take the clown suit off and grow up. Childishness does not become you. Nor does the vulgar language, although I know you moonbats don’t have a large enough vocabulary to express yourself any other way.

    In the next two years the money will stop flowing because no one will be stupid enough to buy Fed Bonds and Fed Reserve can’t do it indefinitely. When the gravy train comes to a screeching halt, what are you going to do then? Lenin and his spiritual descendants tried and their system came to be an epic fail. It did not work anywhere it has been tried.
    Enjoy your idiocy while you can, because the trip won’t be lasting much longer. This time the moonbat left will own it entirely.

  • Quartermaster

    You can’t possibly be so utterly stupid. We run Trillion dollar deficits and you want to say FedGov is not overspending? If you are serious, you are an utter moron.