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Michigan Union: Teachers Still Have a Right to Benefits After Boning Teenagers

Posted on | December 12, 2013 | 47 Comments

(WARNING: This item contains strong language, sexual
perversity, an out-of-control labor union and sarcasm.)

If the American people can agree on nothing else, can’t we all agree — black or white, male or female, rich or poor, gay or straight — that it’s a very bad thing for teachers to have sex with students? And can’t we also agree that a middle-school teacher who has a three-year sex affair with a student beginning when the student was only 14 has thereby forfeited every “right” and “benefit” associated with his former taxpayer-funded employment in the public school system?

Can’t we agree that this is BATSHIT CRAZY?

Neal Erickson, a former math teacher at Rose City Middle School, was convicted this summer of raping a young student over three years, from 2006 to 2009, and sentenced to 15-30 years in prison. Union seeks to get him a $10,000 severance from the School District.

“Hey, yeah, Neal sodomized a 14-year-old, but he paid his union dues, so how about a $10,000 severance payment?”

We first reported on this case in August:

Former middle-school teacher Neal Erickson, 38, pleaded guilty in May to having sex with a boy beginning in 2006 — when the boy was a 14-year-old eighth-grader — until 2009. His fellow teachers in Ogemaw County, Michigan, supported Erickson, writing letters to the judge asking for a lenient sentence. . . .

Disregarding the pleas for leniency, Circuit Court Judge Michael Baumgartner imposed a 15-30-year sentence, and yet the teachers union continues to advocate for Erickson’s “rights”:

WEST BRANCH, Mich. — The Michigan Education Association is going to arbitration to try to force the West Branch-Rose City school district to pay a former teacher who was convicted of molesting a student a $10,000 severance buyout.
Neil Erickson coverThe father of the victim is outraged, calling the union’s efforts on behalf of the sex criminal “ludicrous” and saying any school money due to the teacher should go to his son, who is “out there trying to make it in this world all messed up.” . . .
Erickson was placed on paid administrative leave when state police launched an investigation in October 2012. Erickson was arrested and charged with criminal sexual conduct in December 2012.
On March 26, 2013 WB-RC officials offered a $10,000 buyout for any qualifying teacher who left the school district that year, an incentive superintendent Dan Cwayna said the district had used in the past to encourage needed staff reductions.
While its not clear when Erickson’s employment was terminated, the union’s action suggests he was still on the payroll when the buyout was offered and accepted it.
The school district declined to pay him the money, prompting the union’s action. . . .
MEA UniServ Director Ron Parkinson acknowledged that the union is taking the case to arbitration on behalf of Erickson, but declined to discuss the case further.
“We don’t make a practice of discussing any case. It’s based on contractual compliance, and that’s really all I can say,” Parkinson told EAGnews Friday. “We filed for arbitration today.”

“It’s based on contractual compliance”? Can the Michigan Education Association cite the clause in Neal Erickson’s contract that authorized him to play hide-the-sausage with an eighth-grader?

Of course, I’m not a lawyer, but it would seem to me that violating one’s employment contract — and I’m pretty sure playing naked leapfrog with a 14-year-old boy constitutes such a violation — would forfeit any right to payment due under that contract. Is it too much to ask that members of the Michigan Education Association keep their hands out of the pants of middle school kids? Because there’s way too much of this pedophile action in Michigan:

It was a quiet ceremony. Elizabeth Miklosovic had an outdoor wedding in June 2004 in Michigan’s Manistee National Forest, where the couple lit candles and exchanged vows. Miklosovic’s marriage lasted only a few months, however. Later that year, the mother of the bride found out that her daughter had, at age 13, become the lesbian “wife” of Miklosovic, who had been the girl’s language arts teacher at Baseline Middle School in South Haven, Michigan.

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  • Evi L. Bloggerlady

    Thanks for the link. You think things can’t get worse, and they do. But what blows me away is the lack of outrage by the public.

  • Will_Brown

    “… would forfeit any right to payment due under that contract.”

    The short answer is: No.

    The more fulsome answer, speaking as a current (different) union thug shop steward, is that the union represents all of its members in ensuring contract compliance. Basically, until the ending point of contractual obligation stipulated in the contract language has occurred (and suspicion/non-conviction of unlawful behavior generally doesn’t qualify – which was the case at the time the application for the offered money was submitted and accepted), then the particular member is still contractually qualified for whatever is under dispute (in this case, 10 grand).

    Unions don’t exist to do anything other than ensure negotiated contract compliance* (by all involved parties, btw), so this particular local would be liable for breach of contractual duties were they not to push the (now former, one assumes) member’s claim.

    * Yes, I know (probably better than you do, too), there are exceptions to this basic fact occurring all the time; it still remains the fundamental justification for union’s existing.

  • ErikEssig

    Classic headline.

  • Evi L. Bloggerlady

    Actually they should give him the benefit and then garnish it for the victim’s restitution., Win win.

    (except for the tax payers)

  • Adjoran

    There was a case in New York State a few years back where a public school teacher had been CONVICTED of raping an underaged student ON SCHOOL GROUNDS. The Teachers Union fought to keep his paycheck coming long after he was behind bars.

    Unions are all about “compliance,” all right, but it is surely not just contracts they want compliance to.

  • jakee308

    What? No positive recommendation? No testimonial?

    I’m shocked simply shocked at the insensitivity of the School.

    This teacher devoted years, years to boning students and now he’s to be left to eke out the rest of his life as a tele marketer or porn fluffer?

    It’s just too cruel. How about an inside track at the new Girls Juvie detention being built? Hm? Hah?

    This guy gives dirty old men a bad name.

  • jakee308

    They operate on the “camel’s nose” principle. If they allow any teacher to have their money reduced or taken away, heaven’s knows what they’ll try for next time.

    Merit pay? Attendance? Competency tests?

    Teachers might actually have to learn to . . . TEACH!!!! Heaven forfend.

  • jakee308

    NO. There is no justification for a Union’s existence.

    They exist to extract the most from the surrounding community while returning as little productivity as possible. Unions would not be able to effectively raise their members standard of living without most of the surrounding community’s workers working for less than union wages.

    Think about it. They’re “benefits” require that YOU slave away at YOUR job for less than a living wage because otherwise the cost of living would rise equally and their extra wages for being in a Union would be nullified.

    Unions are all about exploitation of the workers. The workers who aren’t in the Union.

  • Joe Dokes

    For me the real mind-blower is not so much “Imagine what specific acts against children go on that we don’t know about” (there’s no surprise left there) but “Imagine how many others are doing it and got away with/are getting away with it.”

  • robertstacymccain

    It demonstrates, once again, how the concept of positive rights — that people have a “right” to something, as opposed to the negative rights that protect them from something — ultimately destroys common sense and civil society.

    People simply can’t think rationally anymore, because they have been inspired to an almost mystical belief in their “rights.”

  • MattRoss

    Didn’t the victim’s family’s garage get burnt down by this pervert’s supporters? That 10k should go to them!

  • MattRoss

    How about compliance with laws concerning NOT having sex with students?

  • Evi L. Bloggerlady

    He was just trying the help him explore his orientation. It is a crime it is a crime.

    We are all a bunch of H8ers! If only they could take kids from their parents and give them to individuals who truly know how to “love” them.

    And yes the sarcasm is on with this.

  • concern00

    They tend to also do a fair bit of exploitation of those members in the union as well.

    Face it, unions exist solely to grow their own power base and to line their pockets. Their members are a means to that end and will be mercilessly exploited to that end.

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  • Evi L. Bloggerlady
  • rmnixondeceased

    But only H8ERS believe in keeping children safe and innocent!

  • Steve Skubinna

    Too bad that a few sensation seeking bloggers (no names, but I’m looking right at you, Mister Other McCain) want to tar this dedicated and selfless public servant for one (three year in duration) mistake. Reminds me of the otherwise forgettable parody film “The Big Bus” from the seventies. It did have this one excellent line:

    “You eat one lousy foot and they call you a cannibal. What a world!”

  • Thomas Donald

    I’m more concerned that this didn’t make more than a small blurb on the local news’ website. I never saw this on the tv. So glad the local news is willing to bury stories like this.

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  • Bradoplata

    This is correct. If they did not vigorously pursue everything he thought was coming to him then they could be held liable.

  • G Joubert

    If “severance” is a word based on “sever,” then I’m all in favor of it, and money has nothing to do with it, IYKWIMAITYD.

  • trangbang68

    I say 10000 is a little much. How about an arbitration hearing like in baseball. Maybe settle for $19.95 worth of rope from Ace Hardware with one end tied around an oak tree and the other end tied around this degenerate’s neck.

  • Will_Brown

    This isn’t a question of civil rights in the traditional constitutional setting. Rather, this is a matter of contractual agreement between several parties and enforceable under the laws regulating such agreements. Under contract law, all parties to a contract are each entitled to receive the benefits and emoluments stipulated in the contract language (or the law itself), even the despicable a$$holes we discover amongst us.

    As far as the union’s action in this matter, they are obligated under penalty of law to pursue their (presumably also now former) member’s claim against the employer. This remains true however often union officials neglect or abuse their members, or fail to apply their energies to the benefit of non-members or even seek to promote the organizations interests in addition to the member’s interests or wishes sometimes.

  • Will_Brown

    That would depend on the ruling of the NLRB arbitrator agreed upon between the school district and the union. Not too likely an outcome, but your suggestion does neatly sum up the principle of arbitration. 🙂

  • Alessandra

    GLAAD will gladly take him in any day!

  • Alessandra

    And why doesn’t someone simply write in a rule that says in case a union member commits a serious crime, the union will simply flush them down the toilet where they belong?

  • Alessandra

    “Later that year, the mother of the bride found out that her daughter had, at age 13, become the lesbian “wife” of Miklosovic, who had been the girl’s language arts teacher at Baseline Middle School in South Haven, Michigan.”
    Which is quite normal for liberals. Now if the Westboro folks say “God hates fags,” they are tarred and feathered as haters and extremists.
    On one corner, we have the LGBTs (deviants, perverts, and pedophiles), the majority of whom do harm and/or violence in society, and on the other, strict Christian folks. Who do liberals hate? The non-violent and non-pedophile Christians.