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Mandatory Binding Arbitration

Posted on | March 21, 2011 | 5 Comments

That’s the only possible solution to the ongoing labor dispute at Three Beers Later, where Richard McEnroe was forced to cross his own picket line, established in solidarity with the unpaid HuffPo bloggers.

My worst fear is that Richard’s militant labor unrest against himself will inspire Smitty and Wombat to begin demanding a 10% increase of their pay and even though 10% of nothing isn’t all that much, I must refuse their demand on principle.

Because this is a greedy capitalist blog. When I finally figure out a way to fully monetize the value of our traffic, I’ll cut my co-bloggers a check before I jet off to my private Caribbean island. In the meantime, the floggings will increase until morale improves.

So you see why I’ll be keeping a close eye on the continuing crisis at Three Beers Later, where rumor has it that their management may be bringing in scabs.


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