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LT: Hall of Fame Sex Offender

Posted on | March 22, 2011 | 9 Comments


When this story first caught my attention last spring, I wrote:

Wait a minute. You’re Lawrence Taylor, considered by many football commentators to be the greatest linebacker in the history of the game, and you’re meeting a pimp named Rasheed at a Holiday Inn to pay $300 for a hooker from the Bronx?

Taylor copped a plea to a misdemeanor, and his 16-year-old victim says LT got off too easy:

The underage girl who Lawrence Taylor admitted having sex with before a guilty plea to a sex charge said Tuesday that the sentence of probation given to the Pro Football Hall of Famer was too lenient.
The girl . . . told reporters after Taylor was sentenced to six years probation in a New York court that she wanted to see him got to jail.
“I am not a prostitute,” she said. “I am a victim and I am hurting. I don’t think the sentence given to Mr. Taylor is fair.”
The girl was a runaway who was sent into a hotel room with Taylor in May 2010. Prosecutors have charged Rasheed Davis with being the pimp that sent the girl into Taylor’s hotel room.
The Hall of Famer admitted paying $300 for sex.

The girl is being represented by famed attorney Gloria Allred.

If someone finds the video of LT’s Fox News appearance this afternoon, please post a link in the comments. Because watching him defend his habit of frequenting prostitutes was one of the most pathetic things I’ve seen in a while. Because I remember what LT used to be — a guy who played the game with an intense ferocity:

Watch that video: 6-foot-4 and 300 pounds, so fast, so strong, physically overwhelming the linemen who attempted to block him — dude hit so hard he broke Joe Theisman’s leg.

And now? A shameful disgrace.

The media should re-think its enthusiastic embrace of celebrity whore-hoppers like Eliot Spitzer and Charlie Sheen. Law enforcement should more rigorously prosecute men involved in prostitution, both as clients and pimps. And guys need to wake up and realize that, if you have to pay for it — whatever you’re paying for it — it ain’t worth it.


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