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All the Weiner You Can Handle: Why MSM Can’t Ignore This Scandal Now

Posted on | June 1, 2011 | 44 Comments

Thanks to Tim Daniel at Left Coast Rebel for locating this video of Luke Russert’s devastating interview with Rep. Anthony Weiner:

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Big props to Luke Russert for asking tough questions. Compare and contrast to the utter uselessness of CNN’s Wolf Blitzer whose Weiner interview is transcribed by Ace of Spades.

Now, I have gotten a bit of kidding from my friends about being in all-Weiner, all-the-time mode the past few days:

The Other McCain Is Big on Weiner Coverage

Har-de-har-har. That’s OK. Take a look at Memeorandum:

Andrew Breitbart’s broke the story in the wee hours Saturday, but now? Oh, everybody else is covering the story like they discovered it themselves. I was one of a relative handful of bloggers — and we were all those horrible, nasty right-wingers — who jumped on this story Saturday and bulldogged it relentlessly, aggregating, analyzing, expanding the story and trying to push it forward, while Luke Russert was enjoying a nice Memorial Day weekend at the beach. I make no apologies, and I’m not going to turn the story loose just because the MSM are now bigfooting all over it. And I remind readers of what I wrote earlier today:

Notice how George Stephanopoulos (scarcely a right-winger) featured the WeinerGate story today on Good Morning America . . .
You see that, as Stephanopoulos says, Weiner is a “high-profile Democrat” whose avowed ambition is to become mayor of New York City — America’s most lucrative media market.
The supply-and-demand incentives for coverage of this story are therefore so strong that, liberal bias or not, the major news networks can’t simply ignore it. In fact, I had the TV in my office tuned to MSNBC for a couple hours today, then turned over to Fox News, and MSNBC actually had more coverage of the story than Fox!
You might say that Weiner is too big for his own good.

This story isn’t going away, because everybody loves a big Weiner story.

UPDATE: It is amusing to see that, on the very day that Weiner refuses to deny the authenticy of the bulging-crotch photo, a left-wing blog claims to have proof that Weiner was “framed.”

Caleb Howe at Red State doesn’t much buy into the alleged proof.

Permit me to suggest the possibility that (a) the photo actually is of Weiner’s package, however (b) the photo Tweet to Gennette Cordova actually was sent by someone other than Weiner, and yet (c) that doesn’t mean Weiner hasn’t sent photos of his package to other women.

The story, then, would be about much more than this one Tweet — something I started suspecting Sunday, although I don’t know that I have ever previously said as much here on the blog. This one Tweet to Cordova may have been the work of a hacker, but if the bulging-crotch photo is actually Weiner, it could have been obtained from someone to whom Weiner actually did send it on purpose.

This theory of the incident would explain Weiner’s visibly desperate desire to avoid a law-enforcement investigation, which would require him to answer such questions as, “Have you ever sent such photos to anyone else?” and also might involve a forensic examination of Weiner’s computer and ISP records.

UPDATE II: Ann Coulter seems to be belittling Weiner:

Weiner’s Penis Photo Dispute To Be
Settled In Small Claims Court

(Hat-tip: If You Seek Peace) But I am concerned that, by making teeny-weeny jokes about Weiner’s wiener, Miss Coulter may be creating an impression she does not wish to create. She is an unmarried woman and her derogation of Weiner as diminuitive may cause some to infer that she has extensive experience in . . . well, comparison shopping.

There is a reason, after all, that I have made no comment on the size of Weiner’s alleged bulge. If I’m going to spend four days writing about this subject, it would ill behoove me to appear personally interested in the . . . er, underlying facts of the story.

UPDATE III: Speaking of underlying facts, our friend Bob Belvedere provides several photos of Ginger Lee, the porn star who was (allegedly) exchanging DMs on Twitter with Weiner. I’m reasonably sure Ginger Lee wasn’t impressed with the size of Weiner’s wiener. A quite difficult woman to impress that way, is Ms. Lee.

(Trying not to be judgmental here, OK?)



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