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A Tale Of Two Viral Ads–Mark Oxner In Florida, Brian K. Hill In Connecticut

Posted on | February 10, 2012 | 8 Comments

by Smitty

Ladd Ehlinger’s yeoman work in support of conservative candidates in even the toughest political races is something of an inspiration. His Turn This Ship Around has managed to bring out the highest virtues of the Raaaaacism Industrial Complex.Not that there is any racial over- or undertone to the project, mind you. Barack Obama is portrayed captain of the now-pirate vessel U.S.S. Constitution, a. . .sqaure-rigged oared vessel? The ad serves the cogent point that future generations stand to be enslaved by the current policies of Barack Obama and the Democrat Senate that suck too much for adult budgeting. The children in the video seem a representative population sample. So from what sort of mind could a charge of raaaaacism emerge?

Mark Oxner was the original user of the ad, with the bird-brained Alan Grayson appearing bird-bodied alongside Obama. According to the Examiner,

Oxner is obviously trying to go after his opponent Alan Grayson, as well as President Obama, but does it cross the line into racism with its slave ship meme? Facebook thinks so; it has refused to run the ad.

The ad made a slim blog called Lightweight Racist, with a masthead I shan’t deconstruct. Not much to see other than the name of the blog. Also, We Are Respectable Negroes has enough lit-crit afoot to excite Jeff Goldstein. A taste:

Is race an element here? I am not sure. This anti-Obama campaign commercial could be one more example of the “benign” myopia that is common to the white racial frame (“how could anyone be offended by a boat, an allusion to slavery, and a black captain whipping his crew? How shocking!). Alternatively, the racial ideologies at work here could be more sinister, as any reference to “white slavery” has historically done potent political work from the Revolutionary War to the present (with the Tea Party faithful using that very same phrase to oppose the Obama administration and play on white racial resentment and anxiety).

WARN and its ilk have been a chorus of crickets since military veteran Brian K. Hill used the same basic ad. Hill, of course, is running for Senate in Connecticut. Oh yeah, and he’s. . .black.

It is, of course, written in the Gospel According to Marx that every single white male utterance is awash in raaaaacist concupiscence. This has been socially constructed Truth since the first Noble Savage, Adam, was ejected from #OccupyEden on the Mother Continent. Of course, Adam slapped fetters on the first human with relatively more skin pigment he saw, and became the Original, Evil Raaaaacist. Adam’s sin was passed down on the Y-chromosome to all modern male conservatives of European extraction. Leftists, of course, have said enough Hail Alinskys to absolve themselves of Adam’s crime.

With that introduction, you may find the following chats with Hill and Oxner at CPAC12 of interest.
Brian K. Hill is an impressive American and worthy political candidate, in my estimation, given a 7-minute exchange:

Mark Oxner talks about the blowback against the Turn This Ship Around ad. I had slight confusion as to whether Mark had been the producer of the video, or was in fact the candidate:

On a personal note, it is a privilege to have been blessed with the resources and location to go to CPAC and meet Americans who are turning this ship around. Knowing the situation, I can tell you to stand by for ‘high winds and heavy seas while the ship is coming about’. Watching these clips, I wonder if I’ll ever evolve into much of an interviewer. But the real battle is showing up, and putting forth the effort.

Brian K. Hill for Senate

Mark Oxner for Congress


8 Responses to “A Tale Of Two Viral Ads–Mark Oxner In Florida, Brian K. Hill In Connecticut”

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    February 10th, 2012 @ 10:54 am

    […] filed a report this AM on the reaction to Ladd’s ads for two Congressional candidates, Mark Oxner and Brian Hill, […]

  2. Anonymous
    February 10th, 2012 @ 11:51 am

    Simply so I understand correctly, the North Africans who enslaved Europeans, and the Turks who enslaved Circassians could/could not be considered racists? Please clarify for me the politically correct stance on this issue.

  3. Pathfinder's wife
    February 10th, 2012 @ 12:17 pm

    What a bunch of idiots.  As commented above, there were plenty of white galley slaves (and if it makes the racially sensitive, er, sensitive — Vikings, who were pretty white if I remember correctly, and Romans, at least taupe, used galley slaves too).

    Also, one thinks of pirates when one sees the ad moreso than Simon Legree (sp? it’s early).

    This is just going to make them look hysterical and unserious (which they’ve managed to do in regards to the opinion of the general populace as it is).
    Of course, with their hysteria and overreaction they have completely devalued the concept of real bigotry, just like the idiot feminists have devalued the brutal truth of real rape with their stupid take back the night campaigns and other bogus bs — but that is sadly the way fascist goofballs opperate: through their delicate sensitivities they make the world a cruel and insensitive place, lacking in humanity (hmm, maybe there’s a comeback to them there).

  4. Anonymous
    February 10th, 2012 @ 12:24 pm

    Well, Smitty, I guess for the 1st time since my release from the hospital, I’m back to normal: I mostly agree with you.

    (aside: Please bear with me… I think the ease of falling into this variety of error justifies the verbosity.)

    I’m compelled to point out the single flaw in your piece. I’ve block-quoted the portion containing the error below. Looking at your post. In this block-quoted portion, note the section I’ve italicized.

    Adam’s sin was passed down on the Y-chromosome to all modern male conservatives of European extraction. Leftists, of course, have said enough Hail Alinskys to absolve themselves of Adam’s crime.

    Seeing that research has demonstrated that raaaaacism is a Y-Chromosome–bound trait, Occam’s Razor states the obvious: Progressive “males” have “progressed” beyond the need of a Y-Chromosome and the tarnished traits bound to it!

    The discarded Y-Chromosome and its attendant traits explain the enthroned hallmark traits of those hermaphroditic “Progressive” “males”[sic] you see trumpeted as enviable: femininity (…in markedly greater portions than possessed by Feminist Wumyn), choosing emoting as the primary method of interaction, degradation of rational cognition, the universality of the “spoiled child” personality traits, inability to accept responsibility, the inability to conceive of the concept of personal responsibility, the need for adoration, the need to be uncontested in the realm of ideas, etc.

    Perhaps Progressives can be successfully retrained just as is current for blindness or deafness, or any other handicap ?

    All that’s needed is a “Hellen Keller” of Progressivism to illuminate the way!

  5. Quartermaster
    February 10th, 2012 @ 2:28 pm

    We used to announce over the 1MC in heavy seas, “stand by for heavy rolls” before we put the rudder over. I’m afraid the country may founder in teh seas we are trying to sail.

    I realize you are hopeful, but my view of human nature, conditioned as it is by my study of the Bible, is much lower than your’s I expect. Frankly, I see the country breaking up again, and this time it will probably be permanent.

  6. Anonymous
    February 10th, 2012 @ 9:25 pm

    Actually, while Vikings had slaves (called thralls), the rowers on Viking ships were freemen and warriors.

  7. Anonymous
    February 11th, 2012 @ 12:21 am

    Oh….so it all comes together on what that “project” was for…LOL.

    I actually think the  We Are Respectable Negroes piece was pretty spot on, even with the snark.

    I like the ad, but I think it did a poor job of showcasing the candidate.

  8. Pathfinder's wife
    February 11th, 2012 @ 5:58 pm

    ok, but nonetheless they had slaves — and those slaves were often as not white; just like many Africans had many slaves that were black, which of course means (du duh duh) slavery isn’t exactly a racially based thing

    I wish we could finally get beyond the idea that only one racial group can be slaves and only one racial group can be slavers — it leaves us all incapable of countering actual slavery and chasing our tails in useless racial go arounds of no importance (but plenty of potential to cause harm).