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Middle School Teacher Named ‘Stacie’ Caught in Perhaps Predictable Scandal

Posted on | March 8, 2012 | 55 Comments

Let’s face it: If you ever hire somebody with a name like that, you can generally expect trouble to result:

Stacie Halas, a 31-year-old science teacher at Richard B. Haydock Intermediate School in Oxnard, was removed from the classroom Monday, three days after pupils reported spotting her in a series of X-rated clips.
“Maybe it’s not a crime as far as the penal code is concerned, but we feel it’s a crime as far as moral turpitude is concerned,” said Jeff Chancer, superintendent of the Oxnard school district. . . .
Halas . . . uses the stage name “Tiffany Six.”

What sort of “science” was Miss Halas teaching those kids? Did her duties include teaching the sex education classes that are now mandatory in California public schools? The question must also be asked why, if there was “moral turpitude” in Miss Halas performing as “Tiffany Six,” there was no criminal complaint against whichever Web site operator exposed her X-rated performances to her middle-school students?

Isn’t it illegal to show that stuff to kids? So why aren’t the proprietors of these sites held legally responsible for ensuring that kids don’t have access to these sites? But these are not the only serious questions raised by this disturbing news story.

How and where did these students see “Tiffany Six” in action? Did they volunteer this information to school officials? How much time elapsed between (a) when the students first figured out that their science teacher was “Tiffany Six” and (b) when students first made school officials aware of their employee’s extracurricular activities?

Am I the only one who suspects that Miss Halas’s video performance career may have been something of an “open secret” among her students for many weeks or months before somebody brought this to the attention of administration officials? How many of her students had seen these videos during whatever period of time it took for officials to become aware of this and take action?

Such questions are very important, because this isn’t the first time there has been a sex scandal at this Oxnard school:

Back in 2010, the very same Richard B. Haydock Intermediate School where Halas worked was in the news for a similar scandal, when two middle school students were caught videotaping themselves having oral sex in a classroom. . . .
According to ABC News, officials were notified that two junior-high school students, a boy and a girl, engaged in oral sex during class time. Even worse, some of the students were said to have started recording the two minors going at it on their cell phone cameras.

The kids got in trouble for producing their own amateur version of exactly what science teacher Stacie Halas allegedly did in her career as the professional performer “Tiffany Six.” Some people might think the following quote is slightly relevant:

“For more than a decade, California’s dedication to teaching comprehensive sex education has made the state a national leader . . .”
Lauren Shaw-Stryker, Planned Parenthood

A national leader! And “dedication to teaching,” indeed!

Certainly, public schools around the country must be struggling to keep pace with the cutting-edge “comprehensive sex education” offered in California, where middle-school students watch videos of their teachers having sex and make their own sex videos in class.

Of course, this story doesn’t involve a Catholic priest or a radio talk-show host, or else the media might think it was a real scandal.

Possibly related: Is pornography really harmless? And finally: Would it be OK for Rush Limbaugh to call “Tiffany Six” a slut?

UPDATE: Conservative Hideout offers thoughts on moral relativism and Cultural Marxism in “Calipornia.”

Welcome, Instapundit readers! At least one of the commenters didn’t get the humor of the first line about why it’s always trouble to hire someone with a name like “Stacie.” Would it help to explain that this is self-deprecating humor?

But if you have to explain a joke . . .


55 Responses to “Middle School Teacher Named ‘Stacie’ Caught in Perhaps Predictable Scandal”

  1. Pat
    March 9th, 2012 @ 4:14 pm

    It occurs to me to wonder- was the young lady actually in breach of her contract? If so then of course she can be fired- otherwise not.
    If she was not in breach of her contract, then any moral issues are irrelevant- those who drew up the contract were at fault if they failed to define what they required.
    I am mindful that a school board likely has more resources to enforce its whims than any individual. Has her union supported her against the board- assuming her to be a member, that is what she paid them for.
    Finally, do we really believe that people can ever be prevented from seeing things that they want to see? And that there is any natural justice in going after those who willingly  show them what they want to see? As far as I know no-one was forced to watch this lady’s videos, nor was she forced to make them- and making them didn’t stop her from turning up to work on time or doing her job.
     So once again we have a bunch of blowhards  sounding off at other’s expense.

  2. Quartermaster
    March 9th, 2012 @ 4:38 pm

    THAT would have been fun to watch.

  3. Quartermaster
    March 9th, 2012 @ 4:40 pm

    About as subtle as a Caterpillar D-9.

    That’s a Big Bulldozer for those who don’t know.

  4. Quartermaster
    March 9th, 2012 @ 4:43 pm

    Being among learned professionals, I have to say there isn’t much in any canon of ethics that would forbid being a pr0n queen. The point about moral turpitude and poor performance, however, should be well taken.

  5. Pinkypinkleton
    March 10th, 2012 @ 6:03 pm

    She taught at Newbury park high first and everyone knew it. My. Daughter was in her class. I assumed it was folklore because certainly staff wouldve heard the same rumors and done something about it, right?? Guess not.