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A Young Gay Trump Supporter Confronts the ‘Politics of Personal Destruction’

Posted on | September 1, 2016 | Comments Off on A Young Gay Trump Supporter Confronts the ‘Politics of Personal Destruction’


Lucian Wintrich is an artist in New York who lost his job because of his “Twinks for Trump” campaign. (“Twink” is gay slang for an attractive young male.) If you think Democrats are pro-gay, you should know what kind of persecution they inflict on gay Republicans:

Wintrich had his social media accounts shut down, was continuously harassed, and then ultimately fired from his job at one of New York’s largest advertising agencies.

In a stunning exception to its normal partisan cheerleading for Democrats, NBC News did a surprisingly fair story about Wintrich:


At the LGBT for Trump event Milo Yiannopoulos hosted during the Republican National Convention, I briefly met Wintrich. Liberals have a habit of assuming all gay people are Democrats, the same way they assume all women, all black people, all Hispanics and all union members are Democrats. However, the Republicans are a party of ideas, and there is nothing about the ideas of economic freedom, national security and social conservatism that puts them off-limits to any group. The common liberal belief that all gay people are necessarily “oppressed” by social conservatism, for example, ignores the kind of a live-and-let–live attitude that most conservatives have toward what used to be euphemistically called “alternative lifestyles.” The Bible-believing Southern Baptist in Oklahoma isn’t interested in using federal authority to “impose his morals” on gay people in New York or San Francisco, but he resents very much the way liberals want to use federal authority to impose their morals on his community in suburban Tulsa. This is how the “Bake Me a Cake” issue arises, with militant gay activists as cultural bullies, and this in turn involves the Compulsory Approval Doctrine:

As a result of Supreme Court decisions . . . homosexuality has now gained the status of a constitutional right, which means that disapproval of [homosexual behavior] is effectively prohibited. This new dispensation, which we might call the Compulsory Approval Doctrine, has the consequence of abolishing religious liberty. “Marriage equality” requires universal recognition of same-sex unions. Woe be unto the baker who, for religious reasons, refuses to provide a cake or the florist who refuses to provide flowers for a gay wedding.

We need no speculative theory of the causes of homosexuality to understand this. The controversial “born this way” explanation of homosexuality does not hold up under scientific scrutiny, but that’s not the point. The conflation of conservative Christianity with “hate” is a liberal propaganda claim that Christians have failed to counter effectively, and Democrats exploit this to their advantage by encouraging gay people to buy into a victimhood mentality. As with women (victims of Republican “sexism”) and minorities (victims of Republican “racism”), this Democrat message doesn’t work if members of these Official Victim groups openly support the GOP, so Democrats brutally attack gay Republicans.



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