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#FireColbert? How Much Do You Want ME to Explain Why This Is Hypocrisy?

Posted on | May 3, 2017 | 1 Comment

As everybody on the planet now knows, LGBT activists have launched a #FireColbert crusade after CBS Late Night host Stephen Colbert — a liberal in good standing, I hasten to point out — make a gay joke about Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin. This is “homophobia,” and is intolerable, the anti-Colbert forces insist, and it occurs to me that Colbert and his enemies have therefore raised the question: What do we mean by “homophobia”? And furthermore, why is “homophobia” so wrong?

So, I’m itching to write about 2,000 words about this, because there is a profound hypocrisy behind the anti-“homophobia” crusade, and this Colbert joke has finally pulled the pin on this grenade.

What’s it worth to you, readers? Would you kick in $5 for the pleasure of watching me smash this smug bit of liberal orthodoxy to smithereens? Is it worth $10? Maybe $20? Just hit the tip jar for whatever you think it will be worth, and by noon tomorrow, I’ll deliver the sledgehammer blow.

Please, hit the freaking tip jar!


UPDATE: OK, that was a quick $160 — thanks to all who contributed — and as of 11:30 pm. ET, I’m 1,400 words into my sledgehammer blow against the hypocrisy involved in the #FireColbert crusade. So by noon Thursday, I expect to have it finished and then — WHAM!

UPDATE II: The promised WHAM! has been delivered.



One Response to “#FireColbert? How Much Do You Want ME to Explain Why This Is Hypocrisy?”

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