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What Does ‘Homophobia’ Mean?

Posted on | May 4, 2017 | 2 Comments


The question raised by the #FireColbert controversy goes to the very heart of our 21st-century Culture War over “sexuality”:

If I wanted to insult Stephen Colbert, I might have called him a lot of things, but “cock holster” probably wouldn’t have come to mind. By the standards of Stephen Colbert, however, there are no standards, so I can call him any slang synonym for homosexual and still hope to get a network TV contract.
Alas, my phone isn’t blowing up with return calls from CBS executives, which probably means you won’t see “The Stacy McCain Gay Joke Show” on their fall schedule. And I had so much material ready . . .
Being almost as notoriously heterosexual as President Trump, I wouldn’t be much offended at being targeted by an anti-gay slur. It’s an odd thing about what are commonly called “homophobic” insults: Who’s insulted?
If you’re not actually gay, why would someone call you a faggot? Is he trying to start a fight? Aren’t anti-gay insults, when aimed at a target who is not even suspected of homosexuality, just a way of saying, “I don’t like you”?
OK, you don’t like me, so you call me a faggot. And then what?
How am I expected to react to this non sequitur? Call the Civility Police and report you for violating the law against homophobia?
Oh — wait a minute! Homophobia is not actually against the law. It’s a free country, and you have a right to your own opinion. . . .

Read the whole thing at The Patriarch Tree.

That article was funded by readers who contributed in support of what I promised would be a 2,000-word “sledgehammer blow” against liberal orthodoxy, to be delivered by noon today. Actually, when I hit the “publish” button on the article, it was 2,097 words at 12:04 p.m. ET, so I was four minutes late and nearly 100 words beyond my proposed length. There were a couple of ideas I had in mind when I began writing that I didn’t get around to addressing specifically — e.g., isn’t “homophobia” more or less a prerequisite to heteroseuxality? — but we can hash out some of those points later. Please go read the entire article and let me know (either in responses there, or in the comments here) what you think of my work. Did I deliver on my promise? Did I focus attention on the proper response to the #FireColbert controversy? Did I raise the right questions and suggest the right answers?

Thanks to those who hit the tip jar: Leslie W., Jeffrey H., Steven J., Steve W., Cheryl B., Jennifer N., Louis M., Randall S., Whitney G., Philip M., David G., Peter S., Jonathan D., Stephen S., Laurel L., and Jason B. One reason I’m late in posting this acknowledgement is that the cable company decided today would be a good time to call my attention to my past-due bill by suspending my Internet service. So I called the service number to remedy this neglect and, checking my balance after I’d gotten the service restored, I was happy to discover that the Pay Pal contributions received in the preceding 12 hours were about $50 more than what I owed on the cable bill. Your donations were like answered prayer to a need I didn’t even know I had. God moves in mysterious ways, and all I can hope to do in gratitude is to try to give readers their money’s worth.



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