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Fake Jew Update: SJW Julia Salazar Accuses Truth-Tellers of Racism

Posted on | August 27, 2018 | Comments Off on Fake Jew Update: SJW Julia Salazar Accuses Truth-Tellers of Racism

“The fact that, as a woman of color, I am facing accusations that my deeply held identity is a false one says more about the politics of Jewish identity than it does about my observing Judaism.”
Julia Salazar

“There was nobody in our immediate family who was Jewish . . . my father was not Jewish, we were not raised Jewish.”
Alex Salazar, Julia’s brother

In case you missed it over the weekend, a Democrat state senate candidate in New York, Julia Salazar, was caught faking her identity as an immigrant Jew (her mother is an Italian Catholic from New Jersey, and her father became a naturalized U.S. citizen nearly a decade before she was born). Salazar also claimed to be working class, but her father was a commercial pilot and she attended elite Columbia University ($80,826 a year, including room and board). Salazar, who is challenging an incumbent state senator in the Democrat primary in a Brooklyn district, has been endorsed by Democratic Socialist “it girl” Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez and garnered laudatory coverage in the liberal media before being exposed as a fake Jew by Armin Rosen of Tablet.

Her response? “RAAAAACISM!”

[T]he piece attacks my identity as a Jewish person of color. This is more disturbing to me; there’s a long history of bigoted policing of the identity of Jewish people of color, particularly people with patrilineal Jewish heritage or Jews who converted. I’m sad to see that brought into my campaign.
The truth here is simple: my father was of Sephardic Jewish heritage; my mother was nominally raised Catholic, but religion had little place in our household. It was in college, in the wake of my father’s death when I was 18, that I began to deeply explore my Jewish roots, participate in Jewish communal life, and commit myself to observing Judaism.

Hey, how about, “Thou shalt not bear false witness”? Isn’t honesty part of “observing Judaism”? Salazar’s claim about her father having “Sephardic Jewish heritage” could not be verified and, when contacted by Tablet‘s Armin Rosen, her relatives expressed astonishment that Salazar would make such a claim. As I discussed during Saturday’s episode of The Other Podcast, one of my great-grandfathers (my maternal grandmother’s father) was descended from a Sephardic Jew who lived in Philadelphia at the time of American Revolution, but by the time they settled in east Alabama circa 1850, the Moses family were Christians, founding members of Big Springs Baptist Church. We cannot rule out the possibility that this kind of fractional genealogy — I may be more Jewish than Elizabeth Warren is a Cherokee — might be found somewhere in Julia Salazar’s family tree, but this hypothetical possibility doesn’t justify her inventing a “Jewish heritage” for political purposes, and then claiming to be a victim of “bigotry” when her fraud was exposed.

Likewise, Salazar attempts to obscure the facts surrounding her claim to be an immigrant, by saying that her family frequently traveled to her father’s native Colombia when she was a child, to which the correct reply is: “So what?” You grew up in a fine middle-class home in Florida, sweetheart. Your father was a legal immigrant who became an American citizen in 1982, before you were even born, and you lied about it.

Let’s remember Vox Day’s Law:

1. SJWs Always Lie.
2. SJWs Always Double Down.
3. SJWs Always Project.

Julia Salazar is 3-for-3 here, having doubled-down on her phony “Jewish heritage” claim and projecting “bigotry” onto the truth-tellers when she is the one exploiting the bigotry of identity politics. She used these bogus claims of victimhood to justify racialized hatred.


That’s a photo showing Julia Salazar (second from right) as an activist with “Jews for Racial and Economic Justice” engaged in a 2017 protest falsely accusing the NYPD of racism. The belief that police in New York City, one of the most liberal places on the planet, are somehow complicit in “injustice” is one of those left-wing myths that Fred Siegel has described as “the riot ideology.” This is a form of hate propaganda, aimed at inciting a sense of anti-white grievance among minorities.

Manufacturing a fake identity as a Jewish working-class immigrant was a way for Julia Salazar to disown her actual middle-class identity, in order to be part of the (tax-exempt, Soros-funded) SJW mob whose claims to “oppression” are the raison d’être of their existence as activists.

Permit me to invoke my own ancestry — which, unlike some people, I can prove — to denounce Julia Salazar as a shanda fur die goyim.




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