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Our Moral Superiors

Posted on | January 17, 2020 | 2 Comments

The Bain-Chekal family in 2008.

As everyone knows, the academic elite are not only intellectually superior to the rest of us, but they also constitute a quasi-religious caste, a secular priesthood whose credentials qualify them to dictate the answers to our society’s moral questions. In 2004, the University of California at Berkeley published an article celebrating faculty and staff whose enthusiasm for “civil rights” led them to take advantage of San Francisco’s pioneering recognition of same-sex marriage:

Jon Bain-Chekal, who works as an organizational consultant for the Center for Organizational Effectiveness, said that the decision to say ‘I do’ to his partner of ten years, Mark Chekal-Bain, was “a nice personal confirmation.” The two, both Cal alumni, had already exchanged vows in a ceremony with family and friends in 1999. They also registered as domestic partners with the City of Berkeley the previous year, and with the state when that option became available.

Four years later, Bain-Chekal was again featured in UC-Berkeley News, and this time he and his partner of 14 years were pictured with their recently adopted young son. Bain-Chekal was quoted about the need for “more progressive parental-leave policies that don’t focus on the 1950s version of family.” Well, a dozen years later, Bain-Chekal has against made news — not in a good way:

A Berkeley man who oversees UC Berkeley’s operating budget was arrested Thursday morning in connection with a child pornography investigation by the Berkeley Police Department, according to authorities and records online.
Jon Bain-Chekal, 49, was arrested at 8:45 a.m. on suspicion of possession of child pornography, a misdemeanor, according to jail records online.
Berkeley Police spokesman Officer Byron White said BPD’s investigation began with a tip from Internet Crimes Against Children and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Those agencies “received a Cyber tip regarding child pornography from an online account. The account was created and accessed from Jon Bain-Chekal’s residence and work.”
According to BPD, “a search warrant on the online account revealed additional images of child pornography.” On Thursday, police served search warrants at Bain-Chekal’s home and work, BPD said: “Images of child pornography were recovered from a laptop during the search warrant.”
Police said Bain-Chekal admitted, during an interview, that he had viewed and possessed child pornography. He was cited and released from jail Thursday.
White said BPD confiscated devices Thursday “that still need to be forensically searched.” He said charges could potentially be added later and that the misdemeanor charge could potentially change. White declined to say how many pornographic images or potential victims authorities have identified in connection with the case so far.
According to his listing in UC Berkeley’s online campus directory, Bain-Chekal is the director of the UC Berkeley Operating Budget and works at University Hall. On the university’s webpage for the Office of the Chief Financial Officer, Bain-Chekal is listed as the executive director of the Financial Planning and Analysis team, which “manages the Budget Process; Central Resource Management; Financial Planning, Reporting, & Analysis; Financial Systems Management; and VC Administration Finance Management.”

Well, let’s not jump to any conclusions, nor should we make this case the basis for any generalizations about “civil rights” enthusiasts because, after all, Bain-Chekal is entitled to a trial by a jury of his peers, and who knows what a jury in Berkeley might decide. Despite the alleged evidence and Bain-Chekal’s alleged confession, he nevertheless might be acquitted, or the charges could be reduced to something trivial. Certainly we know authorities in Berkeley, California, would not wish to unnecessarily inconvenience an employee of the university who is so well-known as an advocate of “progressive” family policies.

Excuse me, my tongue seems to be stuck in my cheek, and my eyes have rolled completely out of my head. Sarcasm can be painful.



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