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‘Far-Right Extremists’ Alert!

Posted on | June 13, 2022 | Comments Off on ‘Far-Right Extremists’ Alert!

Readers may be wondering, what have “far-right extremists” been up to lately? Torching synagogues? Assassinating opponents? Advocating genocide? No, they’ve been “storming” a public library in California:

Drag queen speaks out after far-right extremists storm children’s event at Bay Area library

SAN LORENZO, Calif. (KGO) — A children’s story time turned into a nightmare Saturday afternoon at the San Lorenzo library.
Bay Area drag queen, Panda Dulce, was co-hosting a kids’ reading event in celebration of Pride Month when suddenly the unthinkable happened.

(Because I’m an old guy who has never been to Alameda County, maybe it’s just me, but why isn’t letting your kids hang out with drag queens the truly “unthinkable” part?)

“Eight to ten Proud Boys marched in with their cameras blazing, point at me, jeering from the back,” Dulce said.

(A “nightmare” in the Bay Area — normal people show up!)

A group of men believed to be affiliated with the far-right extremist Proud Boys group stormed the event.
They made white power hand gestures as they began hurtling homophobic and transphobic insults at Dulce.
“They said who brought the tranny. It’s a groomer. It’s a pedophile. Why do you bring your kids to this event,” Dulce said.
Dulce was then escorted by security away from the men, and law enforcement was called.
The Alameda County Sheriff’s Office says they’re investigating the incident and have activated their hate crime protocols.

(Shoplifting is legal in California. You can defecate on the sidewalk and shoot up heroin in public parks. But cause a disturbance during “Drag Queen Story Hour”? Unthinkable! The sheriff’s department have “activated their hate crime protocols,” whatever that means.)

[“Panda Dulce” is] calling on all those opposed to stand up to extremism.
“I think now is the time to unite and to come together as a united front,” Dulce said.
Not just for her, but also for the children.
Dulce, who is Ivy League educated and has over a decade’s experience in social work says, many of them were terrified.
“I don’t want to hurt you. I just want to tell you a story. That’s it. I just want to tell you a story,” said Dulce.
The event has come under heavy scrutiny from both local leaders, as well as the San Lorenzo library.
“I really believe that libraries are places where everyone is welcome. We are open to every member of our community, and we can’t be bowed or intimidated by these kinds of threats. This is not what we’re going to stand for,” said Alameda County Librarian, Cindy Chadwick.
And while it’s left it’s mark on Dulce, “A lot of people are asking me like, do you feel safe? Are you okay? And the answer is no, I don’t. I don’t feel safe in my own home,” she said.

This person went to an Ivy League university and their idea of a fun Saturday activity is dressing up in drag to prance around in front of small children at the local library. Which should give you an idea of what an Ivy League education is worth. Have I mentioned lately that Ted Kaczynski was a Harvard alumnus? But the whole point of this TV “news” story seems to be that anyone who doesn’t enthusiastically support Drag Queen Story Hour is an “extremist.” Don’t like it? You’re literally Hitler!


“I don’t feel safe in my own home,” says the drag queen, because of those “far-right extremists” at the local library. But don’t worry, Bay Area parents — police are fighting to guarantee that drag queens can safely access your children. The “hate crime protocols” have been activated!



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